Review: C2C Con: Twilite Zone Comics

By: Shawn Warner

     This Saturday marked my first Coast to Coast Comic Con, now as a veteran of several of the larger comic book conventions; I must admit this one was like none other in that it is a live streaming event. Continue reading


Column: 2016 The Year in Review(s)

  2016: For Better or Worse, the Year of the Reboot

By: Shawn Warner

     It’s that time of the year again, when everyone gets a case of short term nostalgia and finds it oh so necessary to make lists; the ten best movies, the fifty best books and so it goes. Well, not to be outdone by those list making gadabouts, I sat down to compose my list of the best comic books of 2016. Continue reading

Column: What it means to be a Young Animal in the DCU

By: Shawn Warner

     We are now three titles into the Young Animal imprint, for those of you who may have been off planet for the past few months, Young Animal is the new Vertigo-like imprint at DC Comics under the creative guidance of visionary writer and Grant Morrison protégé, Gerard Way. Like Vertigo, young Animal is designed to be the home of books that, although very much a part of the DC continuity, these titles share a more eclectic and progressive tone, often darker and geared more to mature readers. Continue reading

Going “Way” Out on Patrol: The First Offering from Young Animal or My Thoughts on Doom Patrol #1, an Exercise in Restrained Jubilation

(DC Comics 2016)

By Shawn Warner

     Anyone who has ever talked comic books with me for more than ten minutes knows I love Grant Morrison only slightly less than my wife and son, that being the case you may think that I would be more than a little skeptical as I dove into the first issue of Gerard Way’s take on the Doom Patrol; a book that Morrison has left his indelible mark of genius upon and, in my opinion, remains the quintessential work on the title. Continue reading

Column: How I Survived Baltimore Comicon 2016

By Shawn Warner

     The count down before Comic Con is always a super anxious time for me, I begin checking my email for updates more frequently, checking the ever-growing list of guests for my favorite creators and deciding which of the many, varied and enlightening panels I will be covering for the site. This is just business as usual, not only for covering the event but, enjoying all the aspects of the show as a fan and collector. Of course I am talking about shopping! Filling in those runs, finding those elusive issues waiting there, hidden within the depths of the dollar boxes and perusing the walls of key issues and first appearances that tower above the milling masses of cosplayers and collectors like monuments erected to the Comic Book Gods with names like Kirby, Claremont, Adams and Ditko, Steranko, Infantino and Lee. Continue reading

Column: FCBD in Baltimore with Shawn Warner & Friends

    This is one of the biggest deals in comic books; it’s a day that was designed to reach readers who might otherwise never consider entering a local comic book establishment because in their minds these are dark dungeon-like basement dwellings populated by single white males most sporting some fashion of facial hair and wearing t shirts featuring their favorite super-heroes while debating which is the superior Star Trek, original or Next Generation, in Klingon of course. Continue reading

Column: State of the Marvel U. The Deadpool Edition

By Shawn Warner

With the release of the much clamored for Deadpool movie just days away Marvel has been whetting our collective appetites for all things Deadpool for quite some time now. There has been a deluge of mini-series, one-shots, on-goings, variant covers and team-ups all featuring the Merc with the Mouth hitting the racks consistently since well before the idea of a Deadpool movie was ever considered even the most remote possibility; now that it is a reality, Marvel has ramped up the frequency of seeing Deadpool in multiple books on the weekly basis by tenfold. Continue reading

Column: State of the Marvel Universe

    2015: The All-New All-Different Year in Marvel Comics

      2015 saw the end of the ambitious Marvel Now wave of titles and the beginning of the even more ambitious All-New All-Different Marvel Universe. The result of the universe shattering Secret Wars, this new and different Marvel Universe has something for everyone but is far from universally accepted, especially by longtime Marvel readers, in fact many of them feel as though they have lost characters integral to the foundation of any universe bold enough to be called Marvel. Continue reading

B&B Special Report: Baltimore Comic Con 2015

Okay it has been almost a week since Comic Con took over downtown Baltimore and all us who braved the entire three-day extravaganza have had time to reflect and recover.  This year was perhaps the biggest event yet; certainly there was an increased Hollywood presence as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Arrow cast members attracted droves of fans seeking autographs, photos and a brush with celebrity. Continue reading

Review: A-Force #1

(Marvel Comics 2015)

Written by Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson

Art by Jorge Molina and Laura Martin

A-Force #1 is easily one of the most high profile books to come out of the Secret Wars event if for no other reason than to quiet the lingering criticisms that Marvel is not female friendly enough in terms of publishing titles with female led teams or lead female characters. Continue reading

Review: Convergence #4

(DC Comics 2015)

Written by Jeff King

Art by Jason Paz and Stephen Segovia

I honestly thought the last issue of Convergence was the strongest chapter so far in the main story; it was far less dependent upon set-up and superfluous exposition, the pace was more energetic and the action sequences were exciting and dynamic, so things are looking up right? Wrong. Continue reading