Review: X-Files #11


(IDW - 2017)

Writer: Joe Harris

Art: Greg Scott
Colors: Wes Dzioba
Letters: Chris Mowry
Cover: Menton 3

Special FBI Agent Fox Mulder unearths more clues in The X-Files #11 about the Cigarette Smoking Man’s and the now defunct Syndicate’s clandestine role during the Iran-Contra scandal. Mulder has been contacted by a man with links to his father’s past, someone who miraculously survived an execution ordered by the Smoking Man, but it wasn’t just an illegal arms deal that brought the CSM and Bill Mulder to Nicaragua in 1987. Continue reading

Review: The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #1

(Dynamite Entertainment - 2017)
Writer / Artist / Letterer Francesco Francavilla

Fans of hard-boiled pulp and crime-comics are in for a real treat with The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #1 as renowned comic book writer-artist Francesco Francavilla brings us his distinct take on Will Eisner’s legendary masked crime-fighter The Spirit! The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #1 kicks off the first part of this brand new five part mini-series from Dynamite Entertainment were Central City has been struck by a series of unexplained deaths, the Police can find nothing to connect the victims, but there is something far more sinister going on than anyone truly realizes, and its not long before The Spirit and his trusty sidekick Ebony White are on the case! Continue reading

Review: Star Trek: Boldy Go #4

(IDW Publishing -2016)
Writer: Mike Johnson
Art and Colors: Tony Shasteen
Letters: Andworld Design
Regular Cover: George Caltsoundas

Spock has been captured by an unstoppable new threat to the galaxy in Star Trek Boldly Go #4, and it’s up to Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Endeavor to save him from this deadly cybernetic race known as the Borg! Spinning out from the aftermath of the blockbusting movie, Star Trek Beyond, Kirk is now temporary Captain of the Endeavor, with some of the Enterprise’s crew in new roles, or reassigned. As the Borg sphere continues its relentless advance, war with the Romulan Empire looms, and Kirk will soon face the ultimate no-win-scenario while the fate of Spock and the Federation itself hangs in the balance. Continue reading

Review: The Comic Book History of Comics #2


Writer and Letterer- Fred Van Lente

Art- Ryan Dunlavey

Colors- Adam Guzowski

Are you interested in comic books? Do you have an appreciation for the comic book art form, and how it came to be? If you are reading this you love comics. If you are reading this you also have a mind that whats to delve into more than just the comic books themselves. You are a high-minded sponge wanting to contextualize the books in more than its finished form. Continue reading

Review: Star Trek Boldly Go #3

(IDW Publishing - 2016)
Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Tony Shasteen
Colors: David Mastrolonardo
Letters: Andworld Design
Regular Cover: George Caltsoundas

Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Endeavor pursue a deadly alien threat in Star Trek Boldly Go #3, a cybernetic race unlike anything they’ve encountered beforeÖ but a foe that’s also well known to Star Trek fans - the Borg! Following on from the events of the blockbusting Star Trek Beyond movie, Kirk is now interim Captain of the Endeavor, with some of the Enterprise’s crew either in new roles, reassigned, or deciding their future on other worlds. Continue reading

Review: Lords of the Jungle #6

(Dynamite Entertainment 2016)
Writer: Corinna Bechko
Art Roberto Castro
Colors: Alex Guimaraes
Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover A: Felipe Massafera
Cover B Roberto Castro & Dinei Ribeiro

Lords of The Jungle #6 provides an exciting finale for Tarzan and Sheena’s adventures, as they square off in London against a woman whose existences shouldn’t be possible, and a crazy cult with incredible technology. Continue reading

Review: Star Trek #59

(IDW 2016)

Writer: Mike Johnson

Art: Tony Shasteen

Colors: David Mastrolonardo

Letters: Andworld Design

Regular Cover: Tony Shasteen

The celebration of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary continues in  Star Trek #59, with a brand new storyline that sends the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise into the furthest regions of unexplored space. As the excitement builds for the release of  the new blockbusting movie, Star Trek Beyond, the comic book adventures of Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the crew of the Enterprise continues to boldly go where no man has gone before in IDW Publishing’s outstanding Star Trek comic series. Continue reading

Review: The X-Files #3

(IDW 2016)
Writer: Joe Harris
Art: Matthew Dow Smith
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Dezi Sienty
Cover Menton 3

Following the success of the X-Files triumphant return in the Fox TV event series earlier this year, Special FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully’s investigations into the unexplained continues in The X-Files #3, the all-new ongoing comic book series from IDW Publishing together with the participation of Chris Carter. Continue reading

Review: Star Trek #58

(IDW 2016)

Writer: Mike Johnson

Art: Tony Shasteen

Colors: David Mastrolonardo

Letters: Andworld Design

Regular Cover: Tony Shasteen

Having escaped from the Romulan Empire, Star Trek #58 finds the elder Spock reunited with the Vulcan fleet just as Romulan war ships, led by the two remaining Romulans from Nero’s crew, begin to close in. Spock must attempt to avert total war breaking out with the Romulan Empire as the Vulcans search for a new home world in the Ceti Alpha system. Continue reading

Review: Lords of the Jungle #1

(Dynamite Entertainment 2016)

Writer: Corinna Bechko

Artist: Roberto Castro

Colors: Alex Guimaraes

Letters: Simon Bowland

Cover A: Alex Ross

Cover B Roberto Castro & Dinei Ribeiro of the Jungle #1

Review by Paul Bowler

Sheena Queen of the Jungle joins forces with Tarzan in Lords of the Jungle #1, the new six-part crossover series from Dynamite Entertainment, where the boundaries of space and time are broken to bring these two iconic protectors of the jungle together at last! Continue reading

Review: X-Files Deviations One-Shot

(IDW 2016)

Writer: Amy Chu

Art: Elena Casagrande and Silvia Califano

Colors: Arianna Florean

Letters: Robbie Robbins

Regular Cover: Cat Staggs

Subscription Cover: Gordon Purcell & Monica Kubina

Prepare to believe in a whole new reality in IDW Publishing’s The X-Files Deviations, a world where fate took a very different path after the young Fox Mulder was mysteriously abducted by aliens in 1973 instead of his sister, Samantha, and never seen again. Now another Mulder has become the believer working at the FBI on the X-Files, Samantha Mulder, and despite the reservations of her skeptical new partner, Agent Dana Scully, Samantha won’t rest until she discovers the truth about what really happened to her brother. Continue reading

Review: Army of Darkness: Furious Road

(Dynamite 2016)

Writer: Nancy A Collins

Art: Kewber Baal

Colors: Schimerys Baal

Letters: Simon Bowland

Cover A: Tyler Crook / Colors: Vinicius Andrade

Cover B: Gabriel Hardman / Colors: Jordan Boyd

Cover C: Francesco Francavilla

Cover D: Rony Fleecs

Subscription Cover E: Robert Hack 

The iconic square-jawed demon-killing hero Ash is back, as Dynamite Entertainment brings us the latest chapter in its flagship saga: Army of Darkness Furious Road. Continue reading

Review: Aliens/Vampirella #6

(Dynamite 2016)

Writer Corinna Bechko

Art Javier Garcia-Miranda

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Colorist In LIGHT Studios

Cover: Gabriel Hardman

Cover Colorist: Jordan Boyd

  The Alien outbreak on the human Mars base reaches its thrilling finale in Aliens / Vampirella #6 as Sarah and the crew of the supply ship are left reeling from what they’ve just seen unfold, while Vampirella and the resurrected Nosferatu confront the misinformed military to unite with them against the Aliens. In their frantic battle to escape from the Xenomorphs, the fate of everyone remaining on Mars - living and undead - rests on a knife’s edge as Vampirella confronts the savage fury of the Queen Alien / Vampire Hybrid. Continue reading

REVIEW: Plagued #2

(BHP Comics, 2015)

Written by Gary Chudleigh
Art and Colors by Tanya Roberts
Lettering by Colin Bell

Just when you thought it was safe to trust your government, when the line of baloney the military industrial complex was feeding you was the only baloney on the market, Plagued #2 has returned to dissolve those beliefs. Continue reading

REVIEW: The Fly: Outbreak #1

(IDW Publishing, 2015)

Written by Brandon Seifert
Art by menton3
Lettered by Tom B. Long

The Fly is a seminal film. David Cronenberg directed a George Langelaan adapted short story (screenplay was by Charles Edward Pogue) and made it into a film that makes your skin crawl 30 years after it was first released. (1986)  This book comes out fortuitously. I just watched this movie last week so the images and creepy-crawly feelings are still pretty fresh in my mind. Continue reading