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Review: Mother Russia Vol. 1

(Alterna 2015)

Written and Illustrated by Jeff McComsey

Additional story by Chuck Dixon

Additional art by Drew Moss, Steve Willhite, Giles Crawford

I didn’t know what Mother Russia was when I chose to review it. I saw the Drew Moss cover art and thought it looked cool. (Despite what Levar Burton and every librarian ever have said to me, I still choose books by their covers.) Continue reading

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Review: The Seven-Per-Cent Solution


Writers- David and Scott Tipton

Artist- Ron Joseph

Letterer- Deron Bennett

Colorist- Jordi Escuin

Editor- David Hedgecock
Since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of Sherlock Holmes.  I saw Spielberg’s 1985 film ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’ and I was hooked.  As I got older and was introduced to the short stories, I developed a deeper appreciation for the character. Continue reading

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Review: All My Ghosts

(Alterna Comics 2015)

Written by Jeremy Massie

Art by Jeremy Massie and Jason Rainey

Small press publishers have a great ability to be able to find small stories, ones that might fall through the cracks at a larger publisher, ones that may not see the light of day when they have to compete with caped heroes and dark zombie dramas.

Continue reading

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Review: String Divers #1

(IDW 2015)

Creator/Art Director Ashley Wood

Story by Chris Ryall and Nelson Daniel

Letters by Neil Uyetake

No matter the media, the best art makes you think, forces your brain into an area that you wouldn’t otherwise go. Weather it be the latest horror trailer (have you seen Goodnight Mommy? Yeesh!) or a book hailed years ago for dramatic triumph, these form take your brain to another world, and like it or not, encourage you to do more…gasp…learning about subjects that you would ordinarily not. Continue reading


Column: The Binge

The Sopranos

(HBO 1999-2007)

Written by David Chase, Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, Matthew Weiner (and others)

Starring – James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli (and others)

*Here there be Spoilers…so get over it.

I went through a period in my late teens and early twenties when I wanted to watch every single gangster movie I could get my hands on. I always knew that The Godfather was a great film, even before I saw it, but when I came to experience it I began to understand. Continue reading