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Review: Plutona TPB

(Image Comics 2016)

Story: Jeff Lemire & Emi Lenox

Script: Jeff Lemire

Art: Emi Lenox

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Steve Wands

Cover: Emi Lenox Review by Paul Bowler

Plutona is one of those new comic book series that arrives like a bolt from the blue, capturing the imagination and completely blowing you away with its thoughtful premise, great writing, and beautiful artwork. The new Plutona trade paperback now collects this wonderful five-part Image Comics super-hero series by Jeff Lemire and Emi Leox, in which we follow the adventures of five everyday suburban kids who just happen to stumble across the body of Plutona - one of the worlds superheroes - after they go exploring in the woods one day after school. Continue reading

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Review: Plutona #4

(Image Comics 2016)

Story: Jeff Lemire & Emi Lenox

Script: Jeff Lemire

Art: Emi Lenox

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Steve Wands

Cover: Emi Lenox

Having made a pact to keep Plutona’s body a secret, Mie starts to suspect one of her friends has broken their promise. Now, as Mie gets closer to the truth, a shocking discovery awaits this tale of five ordinary kids who happen to discover the body of Plutona, the world’s greatest superhero, while out exploring the woods after school, reaches its penultimate issue with Plutona #4, the new Image Comics super-hero series by Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox. Continue reading

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Review: Plutona #1

(Image Comics 2015)

Story by Jeff Lemire & Emi Lenox

Script by Jeff Lemire

Art by Emi Lenox

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Steve Wands

Every now and then a new comic book series comes along that totally knocks everything else out of the park for me on new comic book day. Plutona #1 is one such book, a brand new Image Comics super-hero series by Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox, Continue reading


REVIEW: All New Hawkeye #1

(Marvel Comics, 2015)

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Ramon Perez

If there was a less enviable assignment in all of the comic book industry than following Matt Fraction, David Aja and Annie Wu’s stellar run on Hawkeye I am certainly not aware of its existence; fortunately for us however there arose from the swirling mists a bold duo who proved to be more than up for the task, the creative team of Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Descender #1

(Image Comics, 2015)

Written by Jeff Lemire
Illustrated by Dustin Nguyen

Hey everyone, I’m back with Descender by Image Comics, and I have to say this is an interesting comic. Everything about this comic – from the story telling, art, story line and so much more – is very unsettling. And that is what makes it such a good comic. Continue reading

JLU (7 Cover)

Review: Justice League United #7

(DC Comics, 2015)

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Pencils: Neil Edwards
Inks: Jay Leisten with Keith Champagne
Colorist: Jeromy Cox

The Infinitus Saga continues as the Justice League United fight alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes against the shape-shifter Byth to decide the fate of the young alien Ultra who could grow up to destroy the 31st century. The JLU and Legion of Super-Heroes travelled to the Moon of Ryngor in the Polaris System where Byth captured and gained control over Ultra. The innocent alien was forced to open a rift in space, unleashing a fearsome army of Wraths. Now as Byth and his allies, Black Mass, and the newly resurrected Hawkman - who is also under Byth’s influence - escaped with Ultra, the JLU and the Legion must find a way to stop Byth from taking Ultra into the rift and save the universe as the Wrath’s advance into inhabited space.

Justice League United #7 sees this time-warping intergalactic team-up between the Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes really hitting its stride, as writer Jeff Lemire pulls out all the stops for this third part of The Infinitus Saga. Now the initial differences and misunderstandings between the JLU and Legion of Super-Heroes has been resolved, the battle against Byth steps up a gear as their forces unite against the shape-shifter.
Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Green Arrow’ #31

(DC Comics, 2014)

Written by Jeff Lemire
Artwork by Andrea Sorrentino
Color Artwork by Marcelo Maiolo
Lettering by Rob Leigh

Whether it is intentional or not Jeff Lemire has flawlessly matched the tone and attitude of the television series Arrow in his current Green Arrow story arc which he wraps up here in issue #31, Book Six of The Outsiders War, but that’s not a bad thing. In the television series, the narrative is a tapestry of Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Animal Man’ #29

(DC Comics, 2014)

Written by Jeff Lemire
Artwork by Travel Foreman, Jeff Lemire
Color Artwork by Lovern Kindzierski, Jose Villarrubia
Lettering by Jared K. Fletcher

Jeff Lemire has taken us on a twenty-nine issue journey with one of the most enigmatic super heroes of all time, Animal Man. Since his first appearance in Strange Adventures #180 forty-nine years ago, Animal Man has presented perhaps the most diverse power set imaginable and that has opened the door to a nearly limitless pool of potential premises and plots. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Trillium’ #5

(DC Comics/Vertigo, 2014)

Written & Illustrated by Jeff Lemire
Lettered by Carlos M. Mangual

I’ve been putting off writing about Trillium for months now. I was going to review #1 but it had already been claimed for review by the time I got in touch with Cory if I remember correctly. With each issue that I’ve read I’ve felt less and less inclined to write about the engaging, estranging, frustrating, atmospheric, experimental beast that is Trillium, one of the most interesting comics of 2013. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Animal Man’ #27

(DC Comics, 2014)

Written by Jeff Lemire
Artwork by Rafael Albuquerque
Color Artwork by Dave McVaig
Lettering by Jared K. Fletcher

Jeff Lemire promised us a “perfect ending for the Baker family” and as the finale of one the best and most consistent series in the New 52 inches ever closer Lemire seems like he is going to make good on that promise. This issue returns to the business of resolving existing plot threads in a big way after last issue’s brief cosmic departure. Continue reading


‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’ with Shawn Warner, Episode 17

Greetings and apologies fellow Gothamites, I must offer my most sincere request for your forgiveness for my absence last week. It seems even in Gotham the holidays can cause more chaos than a Riddler produced blackout. I tell you my friends that I would rather face The Joker, Killer Croc and Bane than a mob of WalMart Christmas shoppers waiting on queue for a deep discounted 52 inch hi def flat screen television Continue reading