Bag and Bored’s ‘Best of 2013′: JOHN MONAGHAN

BEST OF 2013
with John Monaghan

- Best Comic Overall


The single most important comic of 2013 for me. 2013 has been the year of REVIVAL. See my review of Revival #12 for some of my thoughts on this modern classic:

Instead of rehashing some of the reasons why or preempting future reviews I want to drop some of the runners up here: Waid’s Daredevil has been great all year - a fun, easy to read, fast paced, exciting, well written book. Fraction’s Hawkeye has been excellent. Lemire’s Animal Man is everything a comic should be.

- Best Mini-Series


I think it’s a toss up between THE WAKE and TRILLIUM. The Wake tips it. Some of the moody, dark, atmospheric pannels really blew me away and its rare that I feel that way about artwork. I’ve seen a lot of people describing The Wake as “by the numbers” and to be fair Snyder’s plot isn’t breaking new ground. But those numbers are great.

- Best Single Issue


The issue that allowed a total reset provoked by a temporal anomaly to still leave a lasting effect on comic, reader, character. A five star book!

- Best Storyline/Arc/Event/etc.


The Joker’s mask rotting on his face.

- Standout Artist of the Year


- Standout Writer of the Year


Honorable mentions to Waid, Fraction, Lemire & Snyder but as I’ve said already 2013 has been the year of REVIVAL for me.

- Favorite New Series of 2013


’nuff said.

- Favorite Comic-oriented film or TV

Well it’s not Man of Steel anyway…


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