Bag and Bored’s ‘Best of 2013’: CORY THRALL

BEST OF 2013
with Cory Thrall

When I started this crazy thing called Bag & Bored I was looking for something to kill some time and have some fun with.  Nothing big, no readership – just silly meanderings on whatever comics I had read that week.  Consider my surprise that here we are over a year later and with quite a cast of reviewers and writers on our team.  One of the major pay-offs with this site has been Continue reading


Bag and Bored’s ‘Best of 2013’: RAYMOND JACQUES

BEST OF 2013
with Raymond Jacques

Greetings, Friends & Fellow Readers. I’m Raymond Jacques (and you’re not).  It has been an amazing opportunity contributing to for the last 8 months or so & this is my contribution to Bag and Bored’s “Best of 2013”. Continue reading