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Review: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #1

(Valiant 2015)

Writer:Robert Venditti

Art: Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

Art Assistant: David Astruga

Colors: Borja Pindado

        From the pages of Book of Death, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #1 sees Valiant’s immortal master of war cast into a realm far older, and deadlier than anything he’s ever encountered before in this brand new series from New York Times best selling writer Robert Venditti (Book of Death, X-O Manowar) and breakout artist Raul Allen (Bloodshot Reborn)! Continue reading

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Review: Giant Days Vol. 1

(Boom! Box 2015)

Created and Written by John Allison

Illustrated buy Lissa Treiman

Colors by Whitney Cogar

Letters by Jim Campbell

One can’t be involved in the world of comic book fandom, trudging through weather to get your new books and chat with the regulars, without getting that one person who slaps you on the back and thrusts a book into your face saying, “you gotta read this.”  Continue reading

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Marvel: The All New All Different Universe or Life in ANADU by Shawn Warner

Greetings True Believers and welcome to this special report on the state of the All New All Different Marvel Universe or as I lovingly refer to it, A.N.A.D.U. Things have definitely picked up speed story-wise as many of the debut titles are now into their second issues and already some of these titles are proving their worth while others performances have been lackluster at best. Normally two issues wouldn’t be my cut-off point for a slow starting series but in the era of the $3.99 cover price I have become a bit quicker when it comes to swinging that scythe and separating the chaff from the wheat. I am happy to report, however that the gems outnumber the duds significantly; having said that, let’s start with one of the brightest gems in Marvel’s A.N.A.D.U, Doctor Strange by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo. Continue reading


Lost in the Longbox Ep. 29: The Incredible Hulk #296

(Marvel Comics 1984)

Written by Bill Mantlo

Art by Sal Buscema and Gerry Talaoc

Letters by Joe Rosen

Colors by Bob Sharen

The Hulk is a first for many comic readers. When I was a kid there was a cartoon and a live action show. Everyone can connect with the “man inside the monster” story on some level, and being able to throw a car into space is pretty cool too. Continue reading