Review: Four Kids Walk Into A Bank #1

(Black Mask Studios 2016)

Art/Design by Tyler Boss

Flatting  by Clare Dezutti

Lettering by Thomas Mauer

Wallpaper Design by Courtney Menard

Writing by Matthew Rosenberg

People get into a rut.  You read book upon book, comic upon comic, commenting all the way, and then you realize, am I still doing this because I like it, or because I feel the impending NCBD coming and I’m not caught up on what happened last month?  Then you pick up a book like Four Kids Walk Into A Bank, and you feel the urge to read and write and review some more. Continue reading

Review: Mayday #2

(Black Mask Studios 2015)

Written by Curt Pires

Art by Christopher Peterson

Colors by Pete Toms

Curt Pires is the kind of writer who likes to keep you guessing. Upon opening the first issue of Mayday from Black Mask Studios, you would never guess that enough could happen in 44 pages that by the end of issue two he felt the need for some editorial disclaimer. Continue reading

Review: Godkiller Vol. 1 and Issue #4

(Black Mask Studios 2015)

Written by Matt Pizzolo

Illustrated by Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk

Additional Illustrations by Ben Templesmith, Tim Seeley, and Amancay Nahuelpan

I try to keep my reviews tasteful. I try to refrain from curse words as adjectives because they don’t usually expand upon an idea any more than a regular adjective might. I may have to make an exception here. Godkiller Volume 1, what an amazing f@#kin’ book. (and I don’t use my keyboard characters lightly.) Continue reading

REVIEW: Matt Miner Double-Feature TTR#3 and Critical Hit #4

(Black Mask Studios, 2015)

Toe Tag Riot #3
Written by Matt Miner
Pencils, Inks, and Letters by Sean Von Gorman
Colors by Savanna Ganucheau

 Critical Hit #4
Written by Matt Miner
Pencils and Inks by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Colors by Doug Garbark
Letters by Jim Campbell

Multiple projects. It’s the wish and the curse of every working person. You want to stay busy and at the same time you feel so busy you can’t catch up. Continue reading

Review: Critical Hit #3 & Pirouette #2

(Black Mask Studios, 2014)

Black Mask Roundup: Of Clowns and Hunters
Critical Hit #3
Written by Matt Miner
Pencils and Inks by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Colors by Doug Garbark

Pirouette #2
Created and Written by Mark L. Miller
Pencils and Inks by Carlos Granda
Colors by El Comic En Linea Foundation

I blame the holidays.  They sneak up on you and hit you where it hurts the most, in your “to read” pile.  And the comics don’t stop; they keep coming week after week.  So, with apologies to the creators of these two fine books, I’m combining reviews here, hoping that I can catch up and still spread the good word about great indie books.

It’s one of the things that make it hard not to read books when I see they have that Black Mask Studios logo attached.  This company has a commitment to great storytelling and some of the finest and most original art out there. These are just good comics. Continue reading

Review: Toe Tag Riot #1

(Black Mask Studios, 2014)

Toe Tag Riot #1
Written by Matt Miner
Pencils and Inks by Sean Von Gorman
Colors by John Rauch
Lettered by Sean Von Gorman

Matt Miner, king of the Kickstarter komics, extra “k” for dramatic effect, is back, and with a hunger that can only be satiated by human flesh and punk rock.  Toe Tag Riot #1, the much-anticipated first issue of Miner’s latest series, is on shelves Wednesday, and it is everything that you’d expect from Mr. Miner.

Along with longtime collaborator Sean Von Gorman, Miner drops his newest offering to the comic gods in the form of a zombie punk band, ready to chew up the competition and gnaw through the mores established by rock and roll icons.

Toe Tag Riot is not only the name of the comic but also that of the featured players in the story.  They are a band formed of various long-timers, those who stood out from other bands and couldn’t handle the b.s. that goes with working with musicians.   Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents’ #2

(Black Mask Studios, 2014)

Created by Matt Miner
Written by Matt Miner and Earth Crisis
Pencils and Inks by Javier Sanchez Aranda
Colors by Joaquin Pereyra
Extras Art by Kathryn Mann
Cover by Rod Reis

Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents is not your everyday comic book.  As of yet, I have seen no spandex.  There are grim realties at work and yet no pointy-eared and cloaked figure stepping from the shadows to knock the pistol out of the mugger’s hand, or a giant anvil in ethereal green light that appears Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents’ #1

(Black Mask Studios, 2014)

Written by Matt Miner and Earth Crisis
Pencils and Inks by Javier Sanchez Aranda
Colors by Joaquin Pereyra
Lettered by Crank!
Extra Art by Kathryn Mann

“What can one person do?” This is the question posed and answered in the newest Black Mask Studios book, Liberator: Earth Crisis. Matt Miner is back, taking up the cause of animal cruelty with the help of Earth Crisis, an American metalcore band. Continue reading

Bag and Bored’s ‘Best of 2013’: CORY THRALL

BEST OF 2013
with Cory Thrall

When I started this crazy thing called Bag & Bored I was looking for something to kill some time and have some fun with.  Nothing big, no readership - just silly meanderings on whatever comics I had read that week.  Consider my surprise that here we are over a year later and with quite a cast of reviewers and writers on our team.  One of the major pay-offs with this site has been Continue reading

Bag and Bored’s ‘Best Of 2013’: BRAD GISCHIA

BEST OF 2013
with Brad Gischia

I began reviewing comics for about six months ago.  I was so fired up to get into it, but I specified, when I talked to our fearless leader, Cory, that I would be in more than a little bit of a jam when it comes to reviewing books.  I am not near a comic store.  So to get a gig that is so centered on ever changing wall books, or even monthly, well…it wouldn’t be easy. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Liberator” #1

(Black Mask Studios, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Creator/Writer – Matt Miner
Art – Javier Sanchez Aranda
Colors – Joaquin Pereyra
Letters/Edits – Vito Delsante

*Caution, moderate spoilers

Greetings from the Wasteland,

Does another Wednesday loom already?  Are you looking for something new to pick up on NCBD?  Look no further.  Liberator #1, “Rage Ignition”, will be on the stands. Continue reading