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Review: Cry Havoc #2

(Image Comics 2016)

Words by Simon Spurrier

Pictures by Ryan Kelly

Inks by Barbara Guttman

Colors by Nick Filardi, Lee Loughridge, and Matt Wilson

Letters by Simon Bowland

“So far…in London, street musician Louise Canton was savaged by a ghostly hound…in Afghanistan she travelled with supernatural soldiers to life the creature’s curse…in the Red Place she’s the captive of the rogue monsters she came to kill.”  That’s issue #1 in a super cool nutshell. Continue reading

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Review: Aliens/Vampirella #6

(Dynamite 2016)

Writer Corinna Bechko

Art Javier Garcia-Miranda

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Colorist In LIGHT Studios

Cover: Gabriel Hardman

Cover Colorist: Jordan Boyd

  The Alien outbreak on the human Mars base reaches its thrilling finale in Aliens / Vampirella #6 as Sarah and the crew of the supply ship are left reeling from what they’ve just seen unfold, while Vampirella and the resurrected Nosferatu confront the misinformed military to unite with them against the Aliens. In their frantic battle to escape from the Xenomorphs, the fate of everyone remaining on Mars - living and undead - rests on a knife’s edge as Vampirella confronts the savage fury of the Queen Alien / Vampire Hybrid. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Nameless #1

(Image Comics, 2015)

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Chris Burnham
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn
Letters by Simon Bowland

Part of the attraction of comic books is that, for as long as I can remember, the artist and the writer both get a good deal of fame. (Colorists and Letterers are on the upswing now as well, as they should be.) It’s a symbiotic relationship that the artist and writer need each other, despite past accomplishments, to make a book work. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Lone Ranger: Vindicated’ #1

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Story: Justin Gray
Art: Rey Villegas
Colours: Morgan Hickman
Letters: Simon Bowland

I didn’t follow Dynamite’s Lone Ranger comics which launched in 2006 and recently ended despite reading a number of positive reviews over the years and it was with some trepidation that I requested this #1 to review. I’ve been in the wilderness for a while and reviewing a first issue feels like a good jumping-in point Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Justice Inc.’ #2

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Written by Michael Uslan
Illustrated by Giovanni Timpano
Color Artwork by Marco Lesko
Lettered by Simon Bowland

When Doc Savage’s experiment with the Super Collider to produce the “Wells Particle” in the present day inadvertently opens a wormhole to 1939, an airliner gets caught in the rift and sent back through time. Doc Savage follows the aircraft Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Alice Cooper’ #1

(Dynamite Comics, 2014)

Written by Joe Harris
Illustrated by Eman Casallos
Colored by Aikau Oliva
Lettered by Simon Bowland
Main Cover by David Mack

Comic book creators have a tough job.  Coming up with an original character isn’t always as easy as interviews with Uncle Stan would have you believe.  The creation of a new, believable character can be a painstaking process that doesn’t always pay off in the end.  Wouldn’t it be easier to take an existing person and bring them in? Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers’ #1

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Nathan Fox, Jim Rugg, Ulises Farinas
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Letterer: Simon Bowland

Based on Characters Created by Jack Kirby

Summary: What if you were told that your brain was so valuable, and you’re a member of the military, that if you die in the line of fire your mind will be transferred into a genetically perfect clone body? Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Red Sonja and Cub’ One Shot

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Jonathan Lau
Colors by Stefani Renee
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover by Jeffery “Chamba” Cruz

Like most stand alone issues, “Red Sonja and Cub” offered a nice break from the main comic along with an interesting story to read.  The focus of this story isn’t so much our heroine, but the “cub,” and teaches us that there are many different kinds of warriors. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Flash Gordon’ #1

(Dynamite Comics, 2014)

Written by Jeff Parker
Illustrated by Evan Shaner
Colored by Jordie Bellaire
Lettered by Simon Bowland

The retcon company, Dynamite, is at it again with the release of Flash Gordon #1 this week.  Written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Evan Shaner, Flash delivers a modernized version of the comic that our parents and grandparents grew up reading in the funny pages, the one the spawned a film my generation loved to hate. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Legends of Red Sonja’ #5

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Writers – Gail Simone, Blair Butler, Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artists – Jack Jadson, Jim Calafiore, Valentine De Landro
Colors – Salvatore Aiala Studios
Letters – Simon Bowland

Red Sonja has become an iconic figure. Popularized by the Robert E. Howard short story The Shadow of the Vulture from 1934, she has become one of the most recognizable characters in comics.

Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Miss Fury’ #9

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Written by Rob Williams
Illustrated by Jack Herbert
Colored by Ivan Nunes
Lettered by Simon Bowland

Hey everyone! I’m back and jumping in with Miss Fury # 9. I don’t know how many of you know this, but what I find interesting about Miss Fury is the fact that she is one of the first female superheroes.  Making her début in April of 1941, Miss Fury beat Wonder Woman to the press by about eight months. Not only that Continue reading


BrainTrust: Following Monkeybrain Comics, Ep.3

This week I’ve decided to focus again on some of the fantastic and original work coming out of Monkeybrain Comics. It’s a beautiful thing to see a small company backing creators as they produce their original work. Those are the kinds of business practices that are redeeming in this country, a chance for us to see what can happen when creators are given free reign. And with that kind of business you attract the kinds of people you want in that business. Continue reading


REVIEWS: ‘Red Sonja: Berserker’ and #1 Dollar Issue

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Red Sonja: Berserker
Written by Nancy A. Collins
Art by Fritz Casas
Colors by Mark Roberts
Letters by Rob Steen
Main Cover by Joseph Michael Linser

Red Sonja #1 (Dollar Book)
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Walter Giovani
Colors by Adriano Lucas
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover by Jenny Frison

I’m trying something a little different this week thanks to the Dynamite release of two titles with the same main character. Red Sonja has often captured our imaginations and hearts Continue reading


Bag and Bored’s ‘Best Of 2013’: BRAD GISCHIA

BEST OF 2013
with Brad Gischia

I began reviewing comics for about six months ago.  I was so fired up to get into it, but I specified, when I talked to our fearless leader, Cory, that I would be in more than a little bit of a jam when it comes to reviewing books.  I am not near a comic store.  So to get a gig that is so centered on ever changing wall books, or even monthly, well…it wouldn’t be easy. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Code Monkey Save World” #1 and #2

(Monkeybrain Comics, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Written by Greg Pak
Based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton
Pencils and Inks by Takeshi Miyazawa
Colors by Jessica Kholinne
Letters by Simon Bowland

*Some Spoilage

(Cue deep and gravelly voiced announcer) “In a world…where zombie armies roam, where animated dolls creep into your nighttime bedroom, where giant alien squids hover over your town like a baby Cthulu…don’t look to your boss, don’t look to the government, look to…Code Monkey!” Continue reading


REVIEW: “The Mocking Dead” #2

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITTEN BY: Fred Van Lente
ARTWORK BY: Max Dunbar
LETTERING BY: Simon Bowland

Humor in comics are making a big splash, whether it be an indie or major publisher, and I think it’s a great thing.  The comic world as a whole suffers when creators and publishers take their entire line of books too seriously, and for a long time this was the case. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Numbercruncher” #1

(Titan Comics, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITTEN BY:  Si Spurrier
COLOR ARTWORK BY:  Jordie Bellaire
LETTERING BY:  Simon Bowland

Being released today, July 17th, Titan Comics new title “Numbercruncher” is not at all what you might think from the cover, but isn’t that supposed to always be the case?  What looks to be a mobster of some kind is actually a false face for the genius and inventive story that lies behind it.  This is no ‘normal’ comic, and that’s a very good thing.  Originally published in “Judge Dredd: Megazine” #306-308, this is a comic that shifts from black and white to fully colored artwork, making for a curious and satisfying read. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Frost: Rogue State” #1

(Monkeybrain Comics, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITTEN BY:  Brandon Jerwa & Eric Trautmann
ARTWORK:  Giovanni Timpano
COLOR ARTWORK:  Andrea Celestini
LETTERING:  Simon Bowland

Comic titles surrounding the Afghanistan War have been popping up like crazy lately, so I wasn’t too surprised to crack open “Frost: Rogue State” #1 and find this title being set there, as well. Continue reading