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Review: Mythic #2

(Image Comics 2015)

Writer: Phil Hester

Art: John McCrea

Colors: Michael Spicer

While science may form the basis of our understanding of reality, it is actually little more than an illusion for humanity. Magic is the true force that makes the world go round and oils the wheels of the universe. Continue reading

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Review: Miami Vice Remix #4

(Lion Forge/IDW 2015)

Writer - Joe Casey

Artist - Jim Mahfood

Colorists - Justin Stewart and Steven Chunn

First off, I was only given a 7-page preview of this issue, so this review can only speak to what I’ve seen. Secondly, I haven’t seen an episode of Miami Vice since it first aired, and really only have those dim memories to rely on for what that show was like. Continue reading

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Review: Adventure Time #40

(kaboom! 2015)

Main story:

Writer - Christopher Hastings

Artist - Zachary Sterling

Colorist - Maarta Laiho

Letterer - Steve Wands
Backup story “Axe Before Taking”:

Written and Illustrated by Jake Wyatt

Oh man, I enjoyed this issue a lot. Let’s start with the covers. There are 3 different variants, all of which are great. The main cover was done by Paul Pope. Continue reading