TV REVIEW: Agent Carter Episode 6

Marvel Studios 2015

Summary: It’s 1946, WWII is over and Agent Peggy Carter finds herself working for the SSR. Begrudging the position of a pencil pusher, stranded in an era where the male presence runs basically everything, Carter secretly attempts to continue doing what she does best: being a secret agent. But everything comes at a cost, when Howard Stark appears to be selling his most dangerous inventions to the black market, Peggy is hired on to clear his name at all costs – even if it brands her a traitor. In the ensuing battle a new enemy arises, and those dear to Peggy continue to get hurt. How much of it can she take before she breaks?

 “A Sin to Err”

Directed by Stephen Williams; Written by Lindsey Allen

 Review: -breaks into song- The walls come tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down…

We’re down to the final quarter, with three episodes on the clock, Peggy shoots and she misses! Total foul, the opposing team recovers, and all we’re left with is shock and awe as we wonder where everything went wrong from here. It’s a sad day for Peggy Carter fans, she was doing so well too! Let’s go to the chief for quick review, and see what may have happened that led to her downfall. Chief?

Ah yes, thank you for having me. Right-o, well Peggy’s biggest misstep was putting too little faith in the competency of her employers. Sure, they’re men, and they look down on women, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do their job well. And quite frankly she had too lucky a winning streak up until now. Honestly, I’d say it all went wrong Peggy started to question everyone around her, even herself. Don’t do that kids, always uphold complete confidence. Or else you’ll find yourself strung on the floor after a knock-out, drag out make-out session. Okay, I guess that doesn’t make very much since went put out of context like that, so I implore you all to just go watch the episode and see for yourself what I mean.

Seriously though folks, this was a marvelous episode. Was that what you were looking for? More praise? Can this show do no wrong? We got two more episodes to find out! But I have the utmost confidence that it’ll shine through all the way through. If I start questioning myself now, then I’ll probably end up like Ms. Peggy Carter herself.

I am thankful to see the threads start coming together like this, with Peggy woven around the middle, I’m really excited to see if she’ll spill all the beans on Mr. Howard Stark or if she’ll take the full brunt of the force from her co-workers. Given her recent shaken judgment of Howard, I’d say the former is a good bet. And I’m also starting to think we won’t get a proper conclusion to Leviathan at this point, and we’ll just have to wait until season 2… or maybe the returning Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Either way, even if they’re just setting up a big bad for future seasons or other series, what we are getting right now is still really, really good. Although I miss the Leviathan agents with no voice. We need to see more of those make a return, not just the two we saw earlier in the season.

There was a lot of great action this episode, the story was pushed forward really far, and I always love seeing Jarvis in fight scenes. He’s learning really quickly, and I’ve grown to really like the guy.

I’ll be sad to see Agent Carter go when it does, but hopefully it’ll be back for a season 2.

Final Score: 4.5 Woven Threads out of 5

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