TV REVIEW: Agent Carter Episode 5

Marvel Studios 2015

Summary: It’s 1946, WWII is over and Agent Peggy Carter finds herself working for the SSR. Begrudging the position of a pencil pusher, stranded in an era where the male presence runs basically everything, Carter secretly attempts to continue doing what she does best: being a secret agent. But everything comes at a cost, when Howard Stark appears to be selling his most dangerous inventions to the black market, Peggy is hired on to clear his name at all costs – even if it brands her a traitor. In the ensuing battle a new enemy arises, and those dear to Peggy continue to get hurt. How much of it can she take before she breaks?

 “The Iron Ceiling”

Directed by Peter Leto; Written by Jose Molina

 Review: Okay, wow, easily the best episode of the season so far. Unfortunately it doesn’t push the story that much incredibly further, and the writers are going to have to cover a lot of ground to get the Leviathan story wrapped up in 3 more episodes, but I trust they can do it. No, for a blend of pure fan service, great action, and total character dominance, this episode wins all the way for me.

I really don’t how many times I can sit here and talk about how good this show is, but it seems that for 8 whole weeks that’s what you’re gonna get. Marvel is really on game with their universe now that they’ve overcome the hurdle of the first Avengers movie. They’re safe in branching out, and letting other characters get the spotlight, as well building a wider universe that audiences already love.

There’s an awfully good chance we’ll be seeing a connection to Black Widow coming up soon in the show, and while it isn’t something I was expecting to see it’ll be an incredibly fitting place to put it if so. It was great to see the Howling Commandos again, although I wish writers would stop poking fun at incredibly awesome names by this point. There’s nothing wrong with the name, and yet one of the “comedy/fodder” characters had to come up with it – as well as have others on the team hate it. And I’m really getting bored with that kind of reaction now.

Episode 5 is a wonderful episode for Thompson, who’s been a thorn in everyone’s side since the beginning. Playing the part of the misogynist and getting away with it, although now I wonder how much of that really was for show, and how much of it wasn’t? I guess we shall see. Either way, I like him a lot more now and I hope to see his character develop even further.

Dum Dum Dugan was the greatest sight of all, and I really dig how he’s portrayed. He’s not incredibly smart, but he’s nowhere near stupid, he’s a big loving teddy bear who’s great at his job. Please don’t ever show his death on screen.

The pacing of this episode was a well handled this week, I was fully engrossed and staying on the edge of my seat the whole time. I am really curious to see how everything wraps up, and the end is closer than we expect.

I dunno guys, this is probably gonna be my shortest review this week. I loved this episode, and there isn’t more to say about it really. I can only heap so much praise before it gets tedious. So on to the next one, I guess.

Final Score: 4 Howling Commandos out of 5

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