Review by Galen Garner

I believe it goes without saying that if you haven’t seen the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer yet then you need to stop reading! Watch the trailer and come back! Spoiler Alerts***Major!

Wow! Ladies and Gentleman, this is might be the greatest trailer that I have ever seen in the history of movies! Well, maybe not, but I am so crazy excited about this movie that I am sick at my stomach. For Steve Roger’s return to the silver screen, it looks like we are going to get to know more about the man behind the shield. Plus, did anyone notice how freakin’ awesome it was when he went berserk on those guys in the elevator and then did the little shield kick up thing! It almost makes me wish that I was the chick in statistics.

The man that is to busy to go on a date delivers an action-packed thriller for 2 minutes and 26 seconds that leaves you hating yourself that you have to wait until April 4th to see this thing. My mouth was wide open for the entire trailer until the last scene when The Winter Soldier grabbed Cap’s shield in mid flight before chopping his head off! This made my jaw break off and now I’m sitting in the ER next to a zombie that is in with a missing leg.

I have absolutely nothing else to say except Robert Redford and Samuel L. Jackson together will be a major treat, plus we know that somewhere in the midst of all this Steve Rogers and Black Widow get there make out on! I guess the only real fault to this trailer was the obvious suspension cables connected to Scarlett Johansson during her Matrix suspension sequence.

Seriously though, MARVEL - BRING IT! The world is ready for what might be the best Avengers-based movie yet! I mean, why are you reading this! Watch it again!


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3 thoughts on “CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (Trailer Review)

  1. Wow, really enjoyed the new Captain America Winter Soldier Trailer! This film looks awesome, with the helicarrier crashing, and I love the way Cap’s shield is caught at the end! Brilliant!

  2. It looks like Cap will ditch his SHIELD uniform by the end of the movie in favor of the older costume. Pay attention to the shots when he’s wearing it. You can see present-day tech in the background.

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