Kickstarter Spotlight: On the Off Chance’s Dan Dougherty

It’s a well known phenomenon that people who are artistic in one sense are often artistic on other fronts as well, that they cannot contain all that creativity with one medium.  That truth is no more evident than in the person of Dan Dougherty, creator of the comic strip Beardo and the comic book Touching Evil.  A talented artist and writer, Dan is also a musician, and with the band On The Off Chance, and is releasing their debut album, White Shoes Black Water, and Kickstarting a vinyl edition. Continue reading

Kickstarter Spotlight: GWAR interview with Matt Miner

GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON Kickstarter Campaign

Starts: 10-24-16

Ends: 11-25-16

Writer: Matt Miner

Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer

Colors: Marissa Louise

Letters: Taylor Esposito

JUST LAUNCHED on Kickstarter – GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON, a blasphemous and blood-drenched 4-issue full-color comic book series by shock rock legends GWAR, writer Matt Miner (Toe Tag Riot, Critical Hit), artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (Welcome Back, Critical Hit), colorist Marissa Louise (RoboCop, Escape from New York), letterer Taylor Esposito (Batman Eternal, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and editor Brendan Wright (Archie vs. Predator, Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight). Continue reading

Review: Ness #1

(Chris Welsh 2016)

Script by Chris Welsh

Art by Rob Carey

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by Robin Jones

1 of 4

The idea of cryptids, Bigfoot, Loch Ness, etc. has always been fascinating to people.  The fact that humans have searched through so many isolated areas of our Earth and still believe are a testament to the strength of the idea.  People are always coming up with new incarnations of the legends, and every so often a sighting happens and the fervor is once again ramped up.  Just when you think you’ve read every story about Nessie, a tentacle reaches out of the Loch and wraps you in it’s icy grip. Continue reading

Review: Heliosphere

(webcomic 2014, print 2016)

Created by Ben Jelter

Comic creator Ben Jelter comes from my wheelhouse.  He grew up in the late eighties and nineties, and watched a lot of animation.  Just look at his most current work, Heliosphere, and you’ll see what I mean.  He’s got credits as well, with previous projects Moscow 38 and The Tumor. Continue reading

Interview: Brian Visaggio

Interview by Brad Gischia

Brian Visaggio isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns, or in this case, the comic by the panels. His current project, Andrew Jackson in Space, is on KickStarter right now, and only two weeks remain on this funding drive. Brian was good enough to answer a few questions for us on AJiS, as well as the process of KickStarting an independent comic book. Continue reading

Review: Toe Tag Riot #1

(Black Mask Studios, 2014)

Toe Tag Riot #1
Written by Matt Miner
Pencils and Inks by Sean Von Gorman
Colors by John Rauch
Lettered by Sean Von Gorman

Matt Miner, king of the Kickstarter komics, extra “k” for dramatic effect, is back, and with a hunger that can only be satiated by human flesh and punk rock.  Toe Tag Riot #1, the much-anticipated first issue of Miner’s latest series, is on shelves Wednesday, and it is everything that you’d expect from Mr. Miner.

Along with longtime collaborator Sean Von Gorman, Miner drops his newest offering to the comic gods in the form of a zombie punk band, ready to chew up the competition and gnaw through the mores established by rock and roll icons.

Toe Tag Riot is not only the name of the comic but also that of the featured players in the story.  They are a band formed of various long-timers, those who stood out from other bands and couldn’t handle the b.s. that goes with working with musicians.   Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘After Daylight’ Volume #1

After Daylight Volume 1

Created by Sarah Roark


Art has to be constantly changing, constantly becoming something new. The fact that printed comics have been the main mode of distribution for comic books for the last eight decades, while not coming to an end, has already begun to evolve. Digital comics, on sites like Comixology and the major comic company apps, are delivering comics into your devices sooner than they could ever get into your hands off of a spinner rack. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Recipes for the Dead’ #1-2

(Greentea Publishing, 2010/2012)

Recipes for the Dead:
#1 Dark Delight with Cranberries
Story by Vera Greentea
Art by Ein Lee
#2 Apricot Asylum
Story by Vera Greentea
Art by Allison Strom

I’m often amazed at the number of comic projects out there that I’ve never heard of.  Wait…perhaps not amazed, perhaps dismayed is a better word.  I would be amazed if all good comics were to pass by me on a conveyor, waiting to be picked up and read.  That doesn’t happen.  So, with the great help of social media, I’m able to connect in some small way with creators Continue reading

PREVIEW: ‘Toe Tag Riot’

We here at Bag & Bored are excited to announce that two of our favorite creators have returned with yet another earth shaking series.

Matt Miner, writer of the tragic and meaningful protest comic series “Liberator”and the follow-up “Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents” is back, this time with top notch artist Sean Von Gorman (Pawn Shop, FUBAR, Occupy Comics) to bring us a series that is destined to be as big a hit as it is socially important. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Pawn Shop’ Graphic Novel

(Soup Dad Comics, 2014)

Written By Joey Esposito
Art by Sean Von Gorman
Colors by Jonathan Moore (Chap. 2-4), Sean Von Gorman (Chap. 1 and chapter breaks)
Letters by Adam Pruett
Cover by Jonathan Moore

The dedication of the book says it all. “This book is dedicated to the lonely souls haunting New York City.” Pawn Shop was a fully funded Kickstarter project in 2012 that was recently released as a complete graphic novel in February of this year. Inside writer Joey Esposito explores the interconnectedness of people and Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Reincar(Nate)’ #1

(5th World Studios, 2014)

Review by Brad Gischia

Written by Michael Moreci
Illustrations by Keith Burns
Color by Chris Beckett
Letters by Jim Campbell

*Moderate Spoilers

Happy New Comic Book Day! On this most joyous of weekdays, perhaps as you’re browsing about in the virtual bins at Comixology, you happen upon Hoaxhunters and remember that they’re on sabbatical. But how to get your Moreci fix? Continue reading

REVIEW: “Super!” #1-3

(Unlikely Heroes Studios, 2011-2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Creators – Zachary Dolan & Justin Piatt
Pencils – Zachary Dolan
Inks (#2 & #3) – Laurie Foster
Lettering – Justin Piatt
Colors – Everardo Orozco
Color Assist – Ludwig Olimba
Additional Pencils & Inks – Tara Kappal

*Spoilers…but moderately

My experience with Kickstarted projects has up to this point been extraordinarily positive. I haven’t come across any comics that I thought didn’t deserve the support they got, financially or otherwise, so it was no surprise Continue reading

REVIEW: “Liberator” #4

(Black Mask Studios, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Creator/Writer: Matt Miner
Art: Javier Sanchez Aranda
Colors: Joaquin Pereyra
Letters/Edits: Vito Delsante
Cover: Chris Burnham (art), Rod Reis (colors)

Each and every comic lover has, at one time or another, read a book and thought, “I can do that…and I can do it better.” In some cases it may have even been true. Matt Miner has done what so many of us wish we could do. He has Continue reading

Interview with Rachel Deering

In the Dark – A Comic Horror Anthology
Interview with Creator Rachel Deering
By: Brad Gischia

Everyone has seen how Kickstarter has changed the indie comics industry.  If you have a good idea and good talent there is nothing that can stop you from getting funding.  Millions of people see the site and donate daily to projects they feel strongly about.  What happens when you take a seasoned comic professional and add the Kickstarter gene into the pool?  In the Dark happens.  Thank you Rachel Deering. Continue reading