PREVIEW: “Bleedback: the End is Nigh”

Embreate Publishing is launching a new comic, “Bleedback: the End is Nigh”, a very interesting and unique take on the sci-fi superhero story featuring a futuristic tale mixed with robots, artificial intelligence, and an ex-villain working underground to fight (among other obstacles) a global Robo slave trade.  Funded by Kickstarter, this title has reached its initial goal, but has until July 4th for you to partake in what looks to be a ground-breaking comic.  The crew at Embreate say it best, and their summary of the book is as follows:

“This week the Embreate team launches Bleedback, a comic book series set in the dystopic future. The story follows Andrei Mueller, brilliant enough to captain any robotics lab, but whose criminal record has barred him from wielding his gift again. Andrei is forced to work underground as a Breaker, a specialized hacker, able to crack the most sophisticated government mandated robot restraints.

A bike mechanic by day, Andrei moonlights at The Beast, New York’s hottest nightclub. The Beast is a place where every desire can be fulfilled … for a price. One night, in the heart of this pleasure dome, Andrei’s life is turned upside down when a lovebot he cracks goes haywire and explodes in violence at the club. Andrei takes desperate flight, but that same night a shadowy group abducts his teenage daughter, Angela.

On the run, Andrei must put aside his grief and hunger for revenge to forgo a contract with the very people who have stolen Angela. After fighting so hard to remake his life, Andrei is now hurled back into the dark recesses of the global Robo slave trade. This time he fights not only to save his daughter, but a planet that is increasingly at war with itself.”

* * * * *

Helping to fund the Kickstarter campaign will have more impact than it may seem, as though the team has reached their initial goal, the days left to help fund this title are very important.  Colorist for the book Jeremy Mohler had this to say about the future of the series and its ties to the Kickstarter campaign:

“We are so humbled and thrilled to have received the support we have,” says colorist Jeremy Mohler. But, with four more books to produce the team are pushing hard to get Bleedback in as many hands as possible. “Secretly, I’m hoping to raise enough funds towards the second book, and maybe even complete it,” says Nihill. To cover the production costs on the second book, the Bleedback team will need to raise an additional $4,500 (a total of $8,000) through their Kickstarter campaign.

“We want to provide the maximum value to our backers. So, if we reach $5,000 we will add eight pages of behind the scenes production notes to the digital copy of Bleedback #1,” says editor Riley Adams. The additional material will allow readers to discover where the idea for Bleedback came from, see the comic evolve from sketch to the finished color pages, and immerse the readers in the expansive world of Bleedback.

“We have big plans for Bleedback, we’ve mapped out a story arc that could take us well beyond the first five books. We even have plans for an interactive tablet application and a series of games,” says Nihill. “But first, the team is focused on creating a captivating ride through a persuasive vision of the future.”

* * * * *

This series looks to be a great one, and we here at Bag & Bored are excited to see what happens with this!  To whet your appetite even more, here’s a wonderful trailer for the comic:

* * * * *

Embreate Publishing is a Canadian publisher formed in late 2012.  To fully grasp their work and future plans, the publishers press release summarizes Embreate Publishing: “Embreate is a creators’ collective that produces cross platform narrative content. The narrative content is distributed through graphic novels, comics, films and games. Embreate brings together a diverse talent pool who share an impulse for pushing boundaries through experimentation of technology and content. BLEEDBACK is Embreate’s breakout project, a five part comic book series written and illustrated by an international indie team.”

This team they speak of consists of Writer Scott Nihill, Penciller & Inker Giovanni Valletta, Colors and Lettering by Jeremy Mohler, and Editor Riley Adams.  From the work we’ve seen, this team is more than capable of crafting a compelling story, beginning with issue #1 of “Bleedback: the End is Nigh”, hitting comic stores very soon.

To help with the Kickstarter campaign, please use the following link:

You can visit Embreate Publishing’s website using this link:

You can also follow the Publisher as well as this title on Facebook:   /





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