TV REVIEW: Agent Carter Episode 7

Marvel Studios 2015

Summary: It’s 1946, WWII is over and Agent Peggy Carter finds herself working for the SSR. Begrudging the position of a pencil pusher, stranded in an era where the male presence runs basically everything, Carter secretly attempts to continue doing what she does best: being a secret agent. But everything comes at a cost, when Howard Stark appears to be selling his most dangerous inventions to the black market, Peggy is hired on to clear his name at all costs – even if it brands her a traitor. In the ensuing battle a new enemy arises, and those dear to Peggy continue to get hurt. How much of it can she take before she breaks?


Directed by Vincent Misiano; Written by Chris Dingess

 Review: It always comes down to an item, doesn’t? Mysterious, and powerful items that can destroy a continent if placed in the wrong hands is the life-blood of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many a story have revolved around it, it seems to be a formula that works, and I doubt we’ll see Marvel stopping with that game plan anytime soon.

And so we come to Agent Carter, where the entire premise revolves around these mysterious items. Although after awhile it was easy to forget that and got lost in the escapism of Peggy Carter’s turnt-up life. This recent episode, the penultimate story to the life of Carter was a blatant reminder that in the end, it comes down to all these machines and gadgets that Howard Stark created… and that we’re all at the mercy of them if we forget that.

It wasn’t a bad reminder, but the whole “this item is the reason all of us even exist right now” trope is being well worn out thinks to the Marvel way of thinking. It’s getting boring, and I do hope coming Marvel stories explore other angles not of that venue. - However, this is what we got, and what we got was another really solid episode. Just the 7th in a string of really solid episodes.

It’s always nice to see how events unfold together, and for this show it’s been coming together really nicely that I haven’t too many actual worries about how they’re going to pull it off. Peggy was really thrown into a corner and I’m glad she’s proven her worth by now so much so that the SSR has no reason but to help her clear Howard’s name at this point. She also gets her much due comeuppance on her colleagues regarding the mistreatment she’s gotten from them since day one. It was splendid.

This episode was also quite moving, and emotional. Seeing a character I’ve grown to like and feel sympathetic for give the ultimate sacrifice so that all of this can come to a close. I really hope we get to see more Agent Carter next year, and I’m going to be sad when the inaugural season ends. Sure Agents of SHIELD will be back but it won’t be the same.

On the merits of the episode, it was really good. Not very many funny moments, but that’s okay because this episode was more about making sure the story drives along nice and smooth while our characters all get battered and bruised. The weakest part is the reminder that in the end the story is all about items, again, and there’s nothing we can do or say to stop it.

We’re also getting a great nod to the comics in the form of Ivchenko, the psychologist. I won’t spoil who he really is from the comics, but just know its really cool and I’m really excited about it. Although if history has taught us anything, certain kinds of characters in the MCU rarely make it out of their respective stories alive. Unless you’re Loki. But he’s still got one more movie to go.

Overall, I enjoyed it. One more episode to go… this is it folks!

Final Score: 3.5 Agents of Leviathan out of 5

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