REVIEW: “Star Wars” #11

(Dark Horse Comics, 2013)

Review by Zakk Saam

Written by Brian Wood
Artwork by Carlos D’Anda
Color Art by Gabe Eltaeb
Lettering by Michael Heisler

In a galaxy far, far away…

There was non-stop action. Star Wars #11 by Brian Wood (DMZ, Ultimate Comics: X-Men) is a heart pounding ride in a space battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

The story opens with Darth Vader’s personal spy, Birra Seah abandoning her post aboard the Devastator after failing to capture Rebel spies Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles. Now Wedge and Luke must escape the Star Destroyer in Imperial TIE Interceptors during a battle against the Alliance Navy.

For a series that seemed to lack direction, things are finally picking up for all of the characters involved. This is the Star Wars comic that I’ve been waiting for! Han, Chewie, and their associate Perla stumble across a weapons cache large enough to have an impact on the outcome of the war, Leia returns from her visit to a crazed man living aboard a derelict Clone Wars Star Destroyer, who just so happened to be the designer of the Death Star’s superlaser, and Luke must escape the Empire without being killed by either friend or foe.

As for plot building, there is little in the way of development in this issue, but it’s nothing to complain about. A teaser ad for the next issue reads “Take that, you evil Empire!” so we can only assume that either this battle will continue next month, or that it will open with the Rebels celebrating a victory. I only hope Lord Vader will actually do something other than speak to holograms. After all, with his spy no longer in the picture, what is he to do?

Carlos D’anda’s pencils are just what this book needs. While they likely won’t ever blow you away, they just feel like Star Wars should look.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. It’s perfect for a self-contained story that’s full of action and adventure. This series is definitely staying on my pull list and I look forward to reading next month’s issue.

Star Wars #12 is scheduled to be released December 11th, 2013.


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