FILM REVIEW: “Kick-Ass 2″

Reviewed by Franco Romualdez

Directed by:  Jeff Wadlow
Original Screenplay by:  Jeff Wadlow
Studios: Marv Films, Plan B Entertainment
Distributed by:  Universal Pictures

Lets kick some ass.

There is one thing that I must proclaim before going any further: Kick-Ass 2 is the comic book movie we’ve all been asking for (yeah, I said it). In my opinion the film is the closest thing we’ve got so far to a live-action comic book. Over the top violence, stereotypical clichés, one-liners, and the unusual yet effective comic-like style editing all contribute to making the Kick-Ass 2 viewing experience feel like stepping into a comic book.

The new Dynamic Duo, deal with it.

The events of Kick-Ass 2 take place in a world much like our own; everything seems to be in order, and yet everyone and everything in the pseudo parallel New York City of  the  film  feels  a  little  off.  Everyone  who  is  meant  to  represent  a  particular stereotype does so in an illogically extreme way. From the popular cheerleader who takes  high-school  bullying  to  the  next  level  (encouraging  her  victims  to  commit suicide), all the way down to the ex-KGB mercenary who can take out a whole squad of police officers while wearing what can only be described as a “war-kini” (A War Bikini,  get  it?),  the  world  of Kick-Ass  2  is  full  of  people  our  modern  society  would quickly classify  as  “mentally disturbed.”  However this  is  not  the  boring  old  real world, this is a comic book brought to live, and if there’s one thing all popular comic books have in common is that they either glorify or villainize the mentally disturbed (Think Batman).

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the war-kini.

The  reason  I  dedicated  nearly  three  hundred  words  to  an explanation  of  the  world and intention of the film is because an individual’s enjoyment of Kick-Ass 2 depends completely on his or her perception of those particular parts of the movie. If you go into the film expecting to see a realistic portrayal about what would happen if real life  people  started  dressing  up  like  superheroes  then  you  will  be  thoroughly disappointed.  Kick-Ass  2  is  simply a  comic  book  movie  made  for  people  who  love comic books.

The  overall  acting  in  the  film  was  good,  however  the  performances  of  both  Chole Moretz (Hit-Girl) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (The MotherFu*ker) stood out as the most memorable among the bunch (special mention to Olga Kurkulina who killed it as Mother Russia).


Love it or hate it Kick-Ass 2 delivers on all fronts and then some. While the film may be seen as a mindless smut fest to some, for others it is an amazing fu*k you to the big  heads  of  the  comic  book  film  industry  and  their  family  friendly  PG-13  moneymaking machine. Go out and see Kick-Ass 2 if you want to experience the other side of  comic  book  movies.  Whether  or  not  you’ll  enjoy  it  I  can’t  say,  but  what  I  can guarantee is that the film will leave a lasting impression.


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