Raymond Jacques

Name : Raymond Jacques

Twitter Account: @danceformyhorse

City: Ware, Massachusetts

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Favorite All Time Superhero: Batman.

Favorite Comic Book Movie: (3 way tie) SUPERMAN: THE MOTION PICTURE, BATMAN (1989), & THE DARK KNIGHT

Best Story Arc: That’s tough. It can vary. To be safe, I will say: The ENTIRETY of Grant Morrison’s run on Batman. (From BATMAN & SON to it’s conclusion in BATMAN INC.Vol.2 #13)

Best Place to Eat In Your City: MexiCali Grill

DC or Marvel, Why? DC Comics. It’s the home of the Superhero. When DC are on they craft legends for all time. It’s also where they keep the near 80 year history of Batman!

My one super power would be….. to be the pinnacle of human achievement. To be the absolute best Raymond Jacques I can be regardless of the adversity of any situation.

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