Shawn Warner

Name: Shawn Warner

Twitter Account: @shawnwarner629

City: Baltimore, MD

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Favorite All Time Superhero: My favorite superhero of all time is without a doubt Batman. I love his origin, it’s so steeped in darkness and he has overcome so much emotionally but the scars are still there and they define him. I also love that although he is extraordinary he is a human without any mutations or alterations. He is an example of what we can be if we are inspired and driven.

Favorite Comic Book Movie: My favorite comic book movie is The Dark Knight mostly because of Heath Ledger’s stellar performance as The Joker but overall it is a flawless film. It has it all; an excellent story, superb cast, extraordinary sets, props and costumes. Just a perfect film start to finish.

Best Story Arc: The best story arc is so hard to answer. There are just so many great ones to choose from so I am going to cop out and give you my top five not necessarily in order; Batman: Year One, Batman: R.I.P, Green Lantern: Blackest Night, Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt, to name just a very infinitesimal few.

Best Place to Eat in Your City: The best place to eat here in Baltimore is Ding How. The best Chinese food bar none.

DC or Marvel? This is a question old as time like Trek or Wars? But I shall attempt an answer. Right now I read way more Marvel than DC titles but my heart resides at DC. If I favor one over the other it is by the slimmest of margins. Having said that I would have to consider myself a Marvel Guy. They just have an overwhelmingly dominate roster right now but the tide can turn at any second. I’m going to end this answer before I sound even more like a politician.

My one superpower would be….The one super power I would want is telekinesis simply for the mind control aspect.

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