Brad Gischia

Name: Brad Gischia

Twitter Account: [email protected]

City Ishpeming, MI

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Favorite All Time Superhero: Batman, Spider Man a web slinging second

Favorite Comic Book Movie: The Iron Man movies were great, animated Dark Knight Returns was awesome

Best Story Arc: Depends on what I’m reading, currently my favorite is Old Man Logan by Mark Millar, that’s great storytelling.

Best Place to Eat In Your City: - Tino’s

DC or Marvel, Why?: I love DC for Batman, Marvel for the Xmen, I suppose Marvel in the long run, just because that’s what I grew up loving.

My one super power would be… fly? stretchy arms?  invisibility? there are so many things, perhaps just to be able to be prolific enough to get paid for what I love to do, talk about comics, write comics, draw comics, that sort of thing.

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