PREVIEW: “Cosmic”

A new upcoming release from Alterna Comics, “Cosmic” is a series from writer Sal Brucculeri, artist Chandra Kelly and colorist Victoria Pittman.  This series will debut on Alterna Comics’ digital line in January 2014, but it needs your help!  Using Indiegogo to fund future issues of this title, Brucculeri and crew are hoping to bring this sci-fi adventure to you along with some great ‘perks’ for supporting.  Either way, this looks to be a series you won’t want to miss.

The premise is explained by the creators, and it seems to sum it up perfectly:

“The Back Story — Landon Debson is your typical college graduate in today’s world, he has plenty of student loan debt but no job to show for it. Wasting away his education on the unemployment line, Landon finally receives a call-back from one of the hundreds of interviews he went on and is offered his very first job. Filled with excitement to start his new career as a S.T.A.R. at U.P.A., Landon doesn’t realize that he has signed a contract to work for the Universal Protection Agency as a Soldier Through All Radars as the superhero “COSMIC”.”

The first issue jumps a year ahead from this opening premise, and that’s where the full on adventure & action seems to really start up.  With evidenced by the sample pages and trailer below, this comic looks to be a great and fun read, and the Indiegogo campaign is better explained (again) by the creators themselves:

“The COSMIC team is holding an Indiegogo fundraiser to finance future issues of the series at The fundraiser will last until Monday, September 30, 2013. The indiegogo project for COSMIC will be your chance to own the series before it is released to the world. Here are some rewards that will be available: the special “Indiegogo Edition” printed copy of issues one and two combined into a trade paperback, original page sketches, the full script, pdf’s of the pencils, a custom computer from, a t-shirt, and inks for aspiring inkers, colorists, and letterers to use!”

The campaign is explained even further:

“The ultimate goal of this campaign is to fund issues one and two with a stretch goal for additional issues. A $25 contribution gets you the indiegogo Edition TPB and the PDFs of issues 1 and 2, but for each stretch goal we reach, anybody who pledged $5 or more will receive the PDF of each issue added! All backers who contribute $30 or more will receive a signed issue of each additional issue added through stretch goals! Even if you can’t contribute, just spreading the word about the campaign and comic book would be fantastic and extremely appreciated.”

As this will be coming to you from Alterna Comics - a publisher of many amazing works, as well as the New York Times Best-Selling graphic novel “FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead” - I can assure you this will be a high quality book from some creative and fresh minds.  With the first story arc concerning a battle with “Captain Priam” and his “baby snatchers”, I’ll be doing all I can to help get this wonderful series out there.  I hope you will, too.  Please enjoy the following sample pages, and info below to help this comic get to the eyes and hands of fans everywhere.

For more updates on the COSMIC series, please visit: to pledge and for updates!




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