REVIEW: “Saga” #13

(Image Comics, 2013)

Reviewed by Franco Romualdez

WRITTEN BY:  Brian K. Vaughan
ARTWORK BY:  Fiona Staples

Gearing up for Season 2.

The first twelve issues of Saga introduced us to a science fiction universe unlike any other. A universe where robot royalty, magic, lying cats, sex themed planets, and trees capable of interstellar travel are the norm. In Saga’s thirteenth issue Brian Vaughan has chosen to hold off the confrontation between Prince Robot IV and our beloved illegal space family (Marko, Alana, their baby, and company). Instead Saga #13 sets up the story to come with the introduction of some new characters, the reveling of certain truths, and the formal naming of the “Slave Girl”.

Eye to eyes

As a standalone issue Saga #13 isn’t an important chapter in the story. The issue is obviously directed towards people who may be picking up Saga for the first time as Saga #13 tries to cram as many of the important plot points of the previous twelve issues into one twenty-three page summary of sorts.

Fiona Staples’ art is amazing as usual. Her portrayal of the various animalistic, humanoid, and often downright ridiculous characters of the series never fails to make the implausible world of Saga look both believable and visually stunning.

Visually stunning.

Overall I’d say that Saga #13 is a worthy pick up this week especially if you are a first time reader of the series; if you want a quick run down of the story far look no further. Naturally the series already has a strong following consisting of many a sci-fi comic enthusiast, meaning that if you are the type of person who loves skillfully crafted space epics this is a series that you should be reading.


Whether you are a hopeless romantic, sci-fi aficionado, comic lover, or someone who just enjoys a good read, Saga has got something for you. The series is simply genre defining and it undoubtedly belongs on your shelf. If you have yet to pick up an issue of Brain K Vaughan’s sci-fi classic in the making Saga #13 is a great place to start.


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