TV REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Ep. 16

(Marvel Studios, 2015)

Summary: Agent Phil Coulsen leads a ragtag group of agents through the mud as he fights Hydra and any other baddies that comes along the way. As our heroes learn to adapt to one another, and the changes happening around them the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur. This is a tale where not every superhero needs a power to save the day. This is a tale about survivors.


Directed by Kevin Hooks; Written by Craig Titley


Review: Another really solid episode. There was only one major hiccup this episode, and that’s only if they can’t do a good job explaining it to us viewers later on.

In this episode we finally get to see more of the Inhumans as Skye has been taken to an off the map resort spot for Inhumans and individuals who are training to become their birth right; a place called Afterlife. Skye is given a friend by the name of Lincoln Campbell who acts as her “transitioner,” a guide to inform her on what’s happening to her, the history of it, all and how things can go from her so should she choose. We learn that both Skye and Raina went old school with their transformation using an actual Kree temple and a diviner – here in Afterlife one person is chosen every few years to become what they’re meant to be. I assume to keep the population of Inhumans down as so they remain inconspicuous to the world.

I like Campbell, and he has a pretty cool Inhuman ability. I hope we see more of him and that he and Gordon don’t turn out to be antagonists to Skye. For once I’d like to see some people with good, honest hearts. Sky has been torn up too much, they need to seriously be wanting to help her, and help anyone else who just wants to help her.

I am curious to see what happens with Cal now that he’s in Inhuman custody, we see him a bit this episode, and we also see that his wife, Skye’s mother is also alive this episode. Which… until they explain it, unless I missed something, she shouldn’t be. Especially considering his primary reason for wanting to kill Whitehall in the first half of the season was due to the death of his wife – and here he seems like it’s rather natural that she’s still alive.

But guess who made an awesome return this episode? Deathlok!! I’ve been waiting to see him return, and it seems he’s even better than ever. I’m so glad to hear he’s working with Coulson now after all their differences last season. Hunter’s face when meeting him was also just as priceless. Gonzalez thinks Coulson is amassing a cabal of superheroes, and if he is then we get the first hint of that with Deathlok on the pay grade. I’m so excited to see these three stooges work together – but that also means they’re going to need to find Ward… which…. this should be fun?

I found it rather convincing when Simmons told Fitz to leave SHIELD and he in fact did. Of course they would pull the old bait and switch when it comes to the Toolbox Gonzalez took from Coulson. The Toolbox of course being the item Fury gave Coulson in order to rebuild SHIELD from the ground up.

The season is shaping up nice, and I really want either an Agents of SWORD spin-off or an Inhumans spin-off. Now that we know they’re might be another spin-off coming later this year. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of Marvel, and thankfully with SHIELD we can get Marvel every week.

Final Score: 4 Misfit Agents out of 5

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