TV REVIEW: ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Episode 11

Marvel Studios 2015

Summary: Agent Phil Coulsen leads a ragtag group of agents through the mud as he fights Hydra and any other baddies that comes along the way. As our heroes learn to adapt to one another, and the changes happening around them the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur. This is a tale where not every superhero needs a power to save the day. This is a tale about survivors.


Directed by Billy Gierhart; Written by Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon


Review: Last time on AoS saw the birth of super humans and the official introduction of the Inhumans. While their movie is still several years away, we’re already beginning the induction into who these characters are, and what they stand for. As it turns out, one of our own is an Inhuman, 0-8-4 regular Skye, or should I say Daisy? After we found out her real name in the previous episode.

Overall this info alone is enough to make me a satisfied fan and I’m ready to take on more Inhumans that the world can throw at me. And in the return episode we get a bit of Inhumans, but a lot more political intrigue. Either one is fine with me, but the Inhumans storyline is being held to higher standards than the other. So all in all, this episode ended up being a mixed bag for me.

On the one hand, we did get more superhuman action as well as magnificent character moments for both Skye and Fitz. On the other hand, we got Coulson haphazardly taking out majority of Hydra in what one could call “too easy.” And another storyline _ same as the last _ where a Shield agent actually works for someone other than the main good guys. Ring any bells? Ugh. Agent of SHIELD writers, no need to rehash storylines from last season. You’re better than this.

Take out the latter things and you get a pretty solid return episode. The very best things about this go-around was Skye and Fitz’ chemistry. Their level of understanding one another, while Skye tries to hide the fact that she’s now got powers, and Fitz for understanding that its not the right time to reveal this news to people. There isa very moving scene with these two where you can’t help but root for the two of them, and hope everyone plays out nicely. You know it won’t, but there’s always hope, right? Right?!

We also get plenty of Inhuman action and I must say I’m excited to see where this leads. Raina transforms and what she becomes is something that you wouldn’t want creeping into your room at night. That being said, I’m not huge on how she looks. Not to say she’s ugly, just I had a different design in mind for her. I am curious though to see what all her new powers will be. - We also get an inhuman who has no eyes, and can also teleport. I’m not sure if he’s taken directly out of the comics, but I’m intrigued to see what he becomes in the show.

The characters drama was on point this week, and it felt overall like a nice return to form. The weakest was, as stated before, Coulson’s rushed and incredibly lucky strike on Hydra. There are 5 big heads remaining in the organization that I can tell. He just took out 4 of them in one incredible feat of luck… I mean… how?!!? I hope this is explained better in the coming weeks, or I’m calling foul.

Agents of SHIELD is back. I’m sure it’ll be tying in with Avengers: Age of Ultron as this season is set to finish airing after the moving premieres. So we all have something to look forward, regardless of what happens next.

Final Score: 3 Inhumans out of 5

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