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Review: Robocop: Dead or Alive Vol. 2

(Boom! Studios 2016)

Writer- Joshua Williamson

Artist- Carlos Magno

Colorist- Marissa Louise

Letters- Ed Dukeshire

RoboCop is one of the quintessential ultra-violent 80’s action movies that a lot of us grew up on.  I quote it about as much as any other movie of its genre.  “Book him…he’s a cop killer.”, and you can’t forget, “The Tigers are playing… (drums the table) tonight! I never miss a game.”  Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Nailbiter’ #3 / ‘Southern Bastards’ #3

(Image Comics, 2014)

Nailbiter #3
Story by Joshua Williamson
Artwork by Mike Henderson
Color Artwork by Adam Guzowski
Letters & Design by John J. Hill

Southern Bastards #3
Written by Jason Aaron
Artwork by Jason Latour
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher

It’s crazy to see so many good comics on the market, and extraordinarily frustrating, coming from the point of view of a reader.  You find a story that connects and want to stick with it.  Often those stories come from different companies with different release dates and that means a second trip to the shop and untold amounts of dollar books to sift through while you wait your turn…it all ends up costing you money.  (Gladly of course, that’s part of the thrill.) Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Nailbiter’ #1

(Image Comics, 2014)

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colors – Adam Guzowski

Return with me fellow readers, to Buckaroo, Oregon, birthplace of the highest concentration of serial killers in the continental United States, and official residence of Edward Charles Warren, a.k.a. “The Nailbiter”, who chewed his victim’s nails. Oh yes…their nails, before he killed them. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Nailbiter’ #1

(Image Comics, 2014)

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colors – Adam Guzowski
Cover – Chip Zdarski

Congratulations Mr. Zdarksi, on giving me one of the most disturbing images I’ve seen in years.  The cover of Nailbiter #1, out this Wednesday, affected me in much the same way that watching Se7en did when it was released in 1995.  It’s visceral, a physical reaction to an idea, that spun sensation in your guts as you read and understand.  Of course, I had to read more. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Ghosted’ #9

(Image Comics / Skybound, 2014)

Story By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Davide Gianfelice
Color By: Miroslay Mrya
Cover By: Matteo Scalera

Searching the jungles of Mexico to find a kidnapped girl, Jackson T Winters, a haunted thief with a dark past, and his associates Trick and Skinner, made a dangerous journey into the lair of the Brotherhood of the Closed Book. Continue reading