Review: Inhuman Special #1

(Marvel Comics 2015)

Written by Jeff Loveness

Art by Ryan Lee

This second one-shot in a series of three comprising the “Inhuman Error” story picks up where the Amazing Spider-Man Special left off, with Spidey throwing in with the current Inhuman leader, Continue reading


REVIEW: The Uncanny Inhumans #0

(Marvel Comics, 2015)

Written by Charles Soule
Pencils by Steve McNiven
Inks by Jay Leisten
Color Artwork by Justin Ponsor

Long live the king! Blackagar Boltagon is back! In a big way as this new Inhumans series kicks off in extremely exciting fashion. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Inhuman’ #6

(Marvel Comics, 2014)

Written by Charles Soule
Artwork by Ryan Stegman
Color Artwork by Marte Gracia

This series was originally conceived as a Matt Fraction project, however when artistic differences reared their insidious head it fell to Charles Soule to save the day and the book, which he has done by slowly and methodically building a complex and Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Inhuman’ #1

(Marvel Comics, 2014)

Written by Charles Soule
Artwork by Joe Madureira
Color Artwork by Marte Gracia
Lettering by Clayton Clowes

No other book in recent memory has been more mired by misfortune and hindered by complications than Marvel’s Inhuman. This book has been delayed by creator changes over story concepts and scheduling delays of every kind. In fact, when Matt Fraction left the book it seemed, for a moment, like all was lost. Enter the writing machine known as Charles Soule Continue reading

REVIEW: “Inhumanity” #1

(Marvel Comics, 2013)

Review by Shawn Warner

Written by Matt Fraction
Artwork by Olivier Coipel
Inks by Mark Morales
Color Artwork by Laura Martin ‘DePuy’

With Infinity just wrapping up many of you may be reluctant to jump right back into another event but I caution you, please do not miss out on Inhumanity and the major repercussions that are sure to be felt throughout the Marvel Universe Continue reading

‘The Couch Nerd’ with Galen Garner, Episode 3


Ladies and Gentleman! With great news comes great responsibility. That is exactly what is on the plate now for the likes of Marvel Television and Netflix. The two corporate giants have decided to team up for what will be four new television shows leading up to a mini-series of The Defenders. The four shows will be Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Continue reading