REVIEW: “Infinity” #6

(Marvel Comics, 2013)

Review by Shawn Warner

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Pencils by Jim Cheung w/ Dustin Weaver
Inking by Mark Morales w/ Dustin Weaver, Guillermo Ortego,
Dave Meikis, Jim Cheung and John Livesay
Color Artwork by Justin Ponsor w/ Ive Svorcina

Jonathan Hickman has done what many thought impossible just a few issues ago, he has flawlessly brought together all of the numerous varied plot threads introduced over the past seventeen issues that have comprised the Infinity Event Continue reading


REVIEW: “Captain Marvel” #11

(Marvel Comics, 2013)

Reviewed by Jared Butler

WRITTEN BY: Kelly Sue DeConnick & Christopher Sebela
ARTWORK: Filipe Andrade
COLOR ARTWORK: Jordie Bellaire

Carol Danvers is an ace pilot who was accidentally exposed to a Kree “Wish Machine” and given Captain Marvel’s powers.  She then became Ms.Marvel and did well to establish herself as one of the Avengers most courageous and powerful superheros.  This series stated off with Carol revealing her identity to the world and taking on the title of Captain Marvel, as she tries to find balance between her overwhelming responsibilities and the drive to constantly exceed the high standards she sets for herself. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Justice League” #18

(DC Comics, 2013)

Reviewed by Shawn Warner

WRITER:  Geoff Johns
ARTISTS: Jesus Saiz & Gary Frank
COLOR ART: Jeromy Cox & Brad Anderson

The Grid is a database in Cyborg’s program consisting of nearly every super-human on Earth including their code names, powers and how to contact them. He uses it in Justice League #18 to contact potential recruits needed to free up the core members to deal with the ever-growing demands they find themselves faced with. Continue reading