Review: The Black Hand

(Alterna Comics-2015)

Writer- Erica J. Heflin

Artist- Fares Maese

Edson Alves

Colors- Fares Maese

Fabian Cobos

Editor- James O’Callaghan

The Black Hand is a 4 part mini-series digitally available from Alterna Comics.  The story follows Victoria Addair, a member of the Order of the Black Hand, who is sent to investigate a ghostly presence that is haunting a mountainside mining town.  Continue reading

Review: Mother Russia Vol. 1

(Alterna 2015)

Written and Illustrated by Jeff McComsey

Additional story by Chuck Dixon

Additional art by Drew Moss, Steve Willhite, Giles Crawford

I didn’t know what Mother Russia was when I chose to review it. I saw the Drew Moss cover art and thought it looked cool. (Despite what Levar Burton and every librarian ever have said to me, I still choose books by their covers.) Continue reading

Review: All My Ghosts

(Alterna Comics 2015)

Written by Jeremy Massie

Art by Jeremy Massie and Jason Rainey

Small press publishers have a great ability to be able to find small stories, ones that might fall through the cracks at a larger publisher, ones that may not see the light of day when they have to compete with caped heroes and dark zombie dramas.

Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘The Undoubtables’ GN

(Markosia Enterprises, 2014)

Story and Letters: Wes Locher
Art: Emre Ozdamarlar
Cover Colors: Kell Smith
Interior Colors: Kefas Armando
Logo Design: Amanda Kent

There are certain themes and tropes that never get old.  They come up again and again in popular entertainment because they work.  Prison breaks, heists, revenge…all are popular ways to help us escape into another world.  And The Undoubtables has all of this in spades. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Kill All Monsters’ Vol.1

(Alterna Comics, 2013)

Kill All Monsters Volume 1: The Ruins of Paris
Written by Michael May
Illustrated by Jason Copland
Lettered by Ed Brisson

Last year, Pacific Rim was number 16 worldwide in total gross income according to Box Office Mojo.  Giant Monsters vs. Giant Robots.  The concept seems so simple.  And yet, there have been few movies that have done it successfully. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Tony Keaton of “Wolves of Summer”

Interview by Cory Thrall

Alterna Comics has been releasing a number of amazing titles lately, and when we were given a peek of both ‘Myth’ (reviewed earlier) and this amazing piece of work, “Wolves of Summer”, we could see this becoming a trend.  Both comics are great for their own individual reasons, and “Wolves of Summer” – releasing this March 20th, 2013 – is about as individual a comic as you can get. Continue reading