INTERVIEW w/ Mike Loniewski and Dan Lauer of ‘Myth’

Interview: Mike Loniewski and Dan Lauer

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I hope you like giants. I sure do. In this episode, I get to talk with writer Mike Loniewski and artist Dan Lauer about their comic, Myth. This fantasy story set in the early twentieth century is about a boy and his giant, who take it upon themselves to protect the weak and helpless from tyrannical headmistresses, thuggish bank robbers, and even terrifying monsters. Aside from discussing the comic itself, we discuss a few different topics, including creative process, finding other creators online, and the role of comics in therapy, especially when dealing with child abuse.


Speaking of which, all proceeds from issue one go to, a leading non-for profit organization that provides care and treatment for victims of child abuse. So if you decide to pick up the series, not only are you supporting two great creators. You’re also supporting a great cause!

All three issues of the complete series can be found on Comixology, here.

Still not sold on it? You can find our review of the first issue here.

MYTH 01 ltrd frontcover



Kenneth Kimbrough is a comics historian and writer. You can follow his year of making comics at


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