REVIEW: “It Came!” #1

(Titan Comics, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

Created, Written & Illustrated by:  Dan Boultwood, Esq.
Edited by:  Mark McKenzie-Ray, Steve White
Designed by:  Russell Seal

The advertising I saw for this comic listed “Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000″ as the perfect audience for “It Came!”, and I couldn’t agree more. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Numbercruncher” #1

(Titan Comics, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITTEN BY:  Si Spurrier
COLOR ARTWORK BY:  Jordie Bellaire
LETTERING BY:  Simon Bowland

Being released today, July 17th, Titan Comics new title “Numbercruncher” is not at all what you might think from the cover, but isn’t that supposed to always be the case?  What looks to be a mobster of some kind is actually a false face for the genius and inventive story that lies behind it.  This is no ‘normal’ comic, and that’s a very good thing.  Originally published in “Judge Dredd: Megazine” #306-308, this is a comic that shifts from black and white to fully colored artwork, making for a curious and satisfying read. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Death Sentence”

(Titan Comics, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

WRITTEN BY:  Montynero
ARTWORK BY:  Mike Dowling

Greetings from the Wasteland!

Though reviewing comics is fairly new to me, one of the greatest things is that I occasionally get a chance to read something in advance of its release.  And quite often, the books I see are great ones that I ordinarily wouldn’t have picked up or had the chance to see.  Just so with Death Sentence, written by Montynero and beautifully illustrated by Mike Dowling. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Solid State Tank Girl” #1

(Titan Comics, 2013)

Review by Raymond Jacques

WRITTEN BY:  Alan C. Martin
ARTWORK BY:  Warwick Johnson-Cadwell
DESIGNER:  Rob Farmer
LETTERING BY:  Andrew James & Jon Chapple

ATTENTION! Tank Girl, Jet Girl, Barney, & Booga are all back with their own particular brand of nihilistic absurdity in Alan C. Martin & Warwick Johnson-Cadwell’s Solid State Tank Girl #1…AND IT IS SO DAMN FUN! It has been a sheer joy to read and review an advanced copy of this book and would love to read more (hint ,hint). Continue reading