PREVIEW: “Razorjack” from Titan Comics

Titan Comics has just released a trailer for their new collection - “Razorjack“, a comic originally self-published by John Higgins (colorist of Batman: The Killing Joke, Watchmen).  This new collection is fully remastered with restored art, all-new dialogue, and even two brand spankin’ new short stories!  Titan’s announcement came with the following description for this amazing collection:

“An infernal dimension of screaming torment – ruling over this domain is queen of carnage Razorjack! All that stands in her path is a pair of rogue cops, whose investigation into a series of horrific serial murders uncovers Razorjack’s existence – and risks the end of Humanity!”

Several creators throughout the comicsverse have expressed some great things about this comic, and here’s a few snippets:

- “Razorjack is one of his best-kept secrets. If there’s any justice, this new collection should find the audience the story has always deserved.” - Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher, the Boys)

- “…I’ve always thought Razorjack was a killer concept. A cosmic horror story of huge scope, breath-taking visuals and insane ambition: unique, wonderful, quintessential John Higgins.” - Mike Carey (Lucifer, X-Men, Hellblazer)

“Razorjack is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been talking about; doing things new is the point. John Higgins is an innovative and driven artist, constantly looking for the next level, constantly expanding his capabilities.” - Warren Ellis (the Authority, Planetary, Nextwave)

With this announcement also came an amazing trailer from the people at Titan Comics, and if this doesn’t sell you on this collection, nothing will!  Have a look, then head over to Titan using the links below for more info!


Visit Titan Comics on the web:

Connect with Titan Comics:


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