REVIEW: ‘The Mercenary Sea’ #3

(Image Comics, 2014)

Writer: Kel Symons
Art & Colors: Mathew Reynolds
Lettering & Design: Pat Brosseau

With its inspired setting and stunning visuals, The Mercenary Sea #3 is the latest issue of the new Image Comics series, written by Kel Svmons, with art by Mathew Reynolds, and lettering by Pat Brosseau. The action and adventures unfold in 1938 - The South Seas, Japan has invaded China, and War is looming in Europe. Ex-bootlegger Captain Jack Harper commands the refitted German U-Boat, The Venture, who along with Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Mercenary Sea’ #1

(Image Comics, 2014)

Written by Kel Symons
Art & Colour by Mathew Reynolds
Lettered by Pat Brosseau

Having high expectations for a first issue of a new comic is only natural. It’s the first time that the writer’s creation meets its audience, and the roots and strands of all that’s to come begin to spread and grow and take hold. I’m generally quite picky but when it comes to buying comics my pickiness is amplified. Continue reading