REVIEW: “Sex Criminals” #1

(Image Comics, 2013)

Review by Franco Romualdez

Written By: Matt Fraction
Art by: Chip Zdarsky

*This Review is for MATURE READERS ONLY*

Who ever said sex wasn’t funny?

Matt Fraction proves yet again that he’s one of comics’ most entertaining and genre-defining writers; Sex Criminals #1 is every bit as great as I’d thought it would be and more. Right from the get-go the series delivers on its core promise, as the very first thing you’ll see when opening Sex Criminals #1 is a beautifully drawn image of full on hardcore sex. But unlike the typical sex-themed comic, Sex Criminals #1 doesn’t rely on shallow characterization and lazy plot design. Instead we are given an origin story, about a little girl on a journey of self-discovery.


Suzanne is your archetypal unfortunate schoolgirl. Her father was murdered, and as a result she also ended up with an alcoholic for a mother. Suzy takes her misfortune in stride though, and tries to make the most out of a terrible situation. However, everything changes when a first time bathtub “experiment” (she came) leads to the temporary stoppage of time. Like a typical confused teen, Suzy thinks that the experience is not unique to her alone. Thus begins her hilarious journey of sexual discovery, which culminates in her realizing that she has a unique gift. To my knowledge no term for said phenomenon exists yet, therefore I coin Suzanne’s orgasmic time-stoppage as “Cum-stop” (you’re welcome).

Despite her great power, our Suzy (responsibly) tries to live a normal life. She succeeds for the most part, until she meets the charming Jon. Let me go off the record for a moment, and say how HILARIOUS it is that Jon looks like a carbon copy of Matt Fraction; I’m not sure if this is a good thing, because lets just say we see A LOT of what Jon (Matt) has to “offer” (his penis). After a passionate night (ten minutes) of lovemaking, Suzy discovers that for once, she’s not alone in suspended space-time.



Everything in Sex Criminals #1 oozes creative excellence. From Zdaesky’s aesthetic art style, which blends realistic human renditions with a surreal color scheme — to Matt’s sometimes sarcastic, effortless, and often-brilliant writing. If you’re aged 18 and up (16 and up, lets be realistic here people), this comic definitely is worth checking out. I don’t say Sex Criminals #1 is a must own simply because its something that might not appeal to everyone, but if you think you’re up for it then yes, buy it while you still can.


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