‘The Couch Nerd’ with Galen Garner, Episode 2

The Couch Nerd: Quickie for the Week

By Galen Garner

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! We are in for a wonderful week with the big kick off of three of two of our major shows that we will be following here at the Couch Nerd. For a quick reminder, I try my best to warn about spoilers, but I can’t always promise that I will not remember to do so. (I had someone ruin Harry Potter for me, so since then my spoiler soul has been dead.)

Appearing tomorrow on ABC, we will welcome Joss Whedon’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. into the cosmos of our living rooms. Be prepared for a fun filled thriller including what could be many appearances of some of the B-roll characters in the Marvel world. It was announced last week that actor Ian Hart would portray Dr. Franklin Hall, better known as the villain, Gravitron. He is a character that started back in the 70s and has been seen in “West Coast Avengers”, “Thunderbolts”, and most recently in “Secret Avengers”. It is uncertain if Dr. Hall will possess Gravitron’s powers, but it is awesome to have some concept of where Whedon is headed with this show.

I have to be really honest when I say that I am trying to go into this show as blindly as possibly and that is quite difficult when you love everything that Marvel has produced in the Cinematic Universe. I’m itching to switch on the TV to ABC tomorrow night to see what Agent Coulson and his cronies are up to in those black suits. Check it out yourself on ABC at 8/7 ct.

Also, get ready for the Big Bang Theory that will premiere on Thursday, September 26th at 8/7 ct. If you have forgotten where we were since the end of last season, check out where we left the gang over at CBS.

Everyone should also be really excited at the fact that Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) just locked up the Emmy Award for Best Leading Actor in a Comedy Series on Sunday, September 22! I’m really pumped to see him back to his comic-shirted antics in just a few days.

There was also some news this week in regards to the CW’s Arrow. The biggest news as of late for Arrow is that the show will feature another one of the Justice League greats, The Flash. Grant Gustin (Glee) will play Barry Allen and be featured in three episodes this season. There are also rumors that this will lead to a Flash spinoff series, which could be quite interesting. In a recent interview, Gustin stated that his character would not be The Flash immediately. He went on to say that he hasn’t really read any of the scripts, but I find that to be somehow untrue.

Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen, Green Arrow) recently did an interview with Digital Spy where he teased the possibility of even more Justice League characters in the future of the show.

Having loved everything about Arrow to this point, I am not really sure how I feel about the addition of The Flash character. I have really liked that Oliver Queen and the people in this drama have had a real-world quality to them. They really haven’t had to rely on the supernatural and metahumans to have a great show. I guess it is one of those inevitable things that you have to keep adding new aspects so that viewership will continue to grow. Arrow returns to CW on October 9th at 9/8 CT.

Thanks everyone for reading and have a great week of watching TV!


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