‘Lost in the Longbox’ Ep.27: ‘Plunge Into the Depths…’

LostInTheLongbox-logo-2“Plunge Into the Depths of Despair”
(The Print Mint, 1969)

Written & Drawn by Robert Crumb

It’s hard to imagine how art can affect a person.  Some can look at a Picasso and are inspired while others see Dr. Who Season 5, Ep. 10 “Vincent and the Doctor” and weep uncontrollably.  (I don’t remember openly crying, but dang…one of my favorite episodes, and tears may have gathered in the corners of my eyes.)  For me the finished product is always amazing, no matter the artist, medium, or work. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Funrama’ #1- 3

(Self Published, 2014)

Created by Ryan Kelly

I love going blindly forward into a new comic. For the longest time I’ve been a “judge a book by its’ cover” kind of guy (Apologies to Mrs. Paulson, my high school librarian), but in the comic book industry that is generally a good way to stick to stuff you like. Not always though. Indie comics tend to be a whole different can of worms, horse of a different color, choose your metaphor. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Boo!: Halloween Stories” #1-3

(Monkeybrain Comics, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

CREATED BY: Jon Morris & Manning Krull

Aside: In college I took a pre-requisite class on publishing your work. I submitted a story that I meant to publish to the prof and was rebutted with…”this is fun. Too bad there’s no place to publish the fun stuff…”

Now I saw to you…college prof…there is a place to publish the “fun stuff”. Look no further than Boo at Monkeybrain Comics, and you’ll see that there are people out there doing just that. Filling our heads with “the fun stuff”. Thank you Jon Morris and Manning Krull. Continue reading