REPORT: FCBD 2014 in Baltimore Maryland

Free Comic Book Day 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland:
“The Universal Language of Comic Books” by Shawn Warner

There’s a certain holiday-like quality surrounding FCBD for any true comic book fan; it is preceded by a restless night’s sleep filled with dreams of all the incredible quarter and dollar box treasures you are sure to find, at least that’s how it is for me. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Stray Bullets: Killers’ #2

(Image Comics / El Capitan, 2014)

Written, Drawn, & Lettered by David Lapham

David Lapham is one of the most versatile writers working in comicbooks today. His work runs the gamut from super hero stories to extremely poignant human drama but the one element that all of his writing has is common is great character development; perhaps best known for his Stray Bullets series or his substantial contribution to the Avatar schlock horror/porn series Crossed, Lapham has also brought his uniquely human narratives to some of the most iconic super heroes Continue reading