BrainTrust: Following Monkeybrain Comics, Ep.4

I hope you all are in the midst of a post-NCBD slumber, snoozing beneath the spread leaves of the comics you passed out reading last night, your head resting lightly on those yet to be opened, their bindings still crisp and staples shiny.  For the rest of us the week wears on, and next week’s NCB day looms.

Next week, on April 16, Bandette #7 is scheduled to release.

I’ve been absent from the BrainTrust for a bit now, but I return now, in huge, Monekybrain-ed fashion, not to preview a book, but to tell you why you should be reading Bandette. Continue reading


‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’, Episode #22

Greetings Gothamites and fellow followers of The Bat, welcome to this week’s installment of The Weekly Bat Signal, where we delve deep into the unseemly underbelly of Gotham City to bring you all the dirt on the Dark Knight, we get to the core of The Caped Crusader or to put it a little Continue reading

‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’, Episode 19: Year End Wrap-Up

Greetings fellow Gothamites and welcome to the final episode of The Weekly Bat-Signal for 2013. The city is abuzz getting ready to ring in the New Year Gotham style which means lots of garish pageantry and drunken disorderly conduct in the streets, from the lowest of Crime Alley miscreants to the stratosphere of Gotham’s high society the parties will rage on well into the first morning of 2014. Continue reading

‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’ with Shawn Warner, Episode 18

Season’s Greetings fellow Gothamites. There is nothing quite like Christmas in Gotham; the snow covered city takes on a picturesque charm worthy of any Hallmark holiday special, even the usually imposing gothic architecture and grounds of Arkham are somehow transformed into a whimsical winter wonderland when dusted with a frosty coating of shimmering snow. Continue reading

‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’ with Shawn Warner, Episode 16

Greetings fellow Gothamites, this week we are coming to you from stately Wayne Manor, just 14 short miles northwest of Gotham City down Old North Pass. Lots of news from Hollywood this week on the Batman Versus Superman movie and all the hoopla surrounding the cinematic Bat-Universe in general, some big names weigh in including the most recent Dark Knight Christian Bale as well as avid Bat Fan and one of AMC’s Comic Book Men, director Kevin Smith. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Batman ’66” #1

(DC Comics, 2013)

Review by Shawn Warner

WRITTEN BY:  Jeff Parker
ARTWORK BY:  Jonathan Case
COLOR ARTWORK BY:  Jonathan Case
COVER ARTWORK BY:  Mike & Laura Allred

Recently DC has gotten a reputation for its dark, gritty and often violent subject matter, well none of that is present in the new digital first Batman ’66 and it is one heck of a joke-filled, action-packed thrill-ride. I grew up on re-runs of the old Adam West television show that this book is based and let me just say, “Holy Attention to Detail!” even the likenesses of the actors who portrayed these characters are there; Adam west, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and Frank Gorshin go from the small screen to the printed page in all their 1960’s campy glory.

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