Review: The Dark Knight Returns TPB

(DC Comics and Warner Books 1986)

Story and Pencils by Frank Miller

Inks by Klaus Janson and Frank Miller

Colors and Visual Effects by Lynn Varley

Letters by John Constanza

There is no denying the effect that Frank Miller can and has had on the comic industry.  His take on Daredevil changed the way we saw the savior of Hell’s Kitchen, and in the same way he changed the way we see Batman still today. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Golden Age’

(Ginger Rabbit Studio, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Story by Rob Harrington & Giulie Speziani
Art by Cecilia Latella
Letters by Deron Bennett
Design by Christopher Kosek
Colors (Page 5) Dustin Evans

My entry into a love of comics came the way most kids’ did. Someone gave me a book or I bought one, and I was instantly locked into a war of good an evil, blacks and whites, the stark reality of unrealities. It’s easy to fall into that. Continue reading

‘Lost in the Longbox’ Episode 19: “Sin City” #1


Sin City #1
(Dark Horse, 1991)
Reprinted in Dark Horse One for One in 2010

Story & Art by: Frank Miller

Greetings from the Wasteland!

There are names in the history of comics that will forever be lauded. Lee, Kirby, Schuster, Kane…and so many more helped to form the foundation of the industry, as we know it today. But atop that foundation there must be a structure, and others moved in to build on it. Continue reading