Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3 Ep. 4

(Marvel Studios 2015)

Summary: Inhumans have begun popping up all over the globe now that the Terrigen strain has been released into the ozone. Phil Coulson, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., is leading a task force to detain these Inhumans before they unleash unknown catastrophe on the world. However he meets opposition from all sides including the U.S. Military. Things are not the same and this is a tale of a changed people.

“Devils You Know”

Directed by Ron Underwood; Written by Paul Zbyszewski


After the step-back of last week, this one really steps up to the plate. What I’m enjoying about this Inhuman arc is that they are acknowledged by the world at large as existing, and it’s interesting to see how many different Inhumans there are. I DO wish we were getting more physically transformed Inhumans and with Lash and originally Raina from last season, it is a step in the right direction. Also Gordon, but I mean drastically altered. I do get budget restraints, but it’d still be nice.

Maybe Coulson & co. can stumble upon a Morlock style underground of recently transformed Inhumans in the sewers that don’t feel like they can exist along side “normals” anymore. The revelation that Lash can transform back into human form is a bit disheartening, but it does make logical sense in the story. I wonder if Lash and Simmon’s planet story are going to coincide at all? That would be neat.

I was also very surprised to see Ward in this story, and also see him and Hunter come face-to-face so soon. There’s a lot of plot points that are coming in fast this season. We’ve had so many things resolved and also lead to further storylines already and we’re only in episode 4. Although, I can only imagine the consequences that will come when Hunter and May find out about Andrew. I almost cried when he was killed. I really liked him.

While I’m still not a Ward fan, I completely agree with his logic of taking down all the HYDRA graffiti, in fact we actually discussed this very thing last episode review so it’s nice seeing the show writers taking that into consideration. The logic in it all, not my personal suggestions.

There really wasn’t a lot of bad in this episodes. The ATCU also still hasn’t grown on me, it’ll certainly be interesting to see where their story goes. It’d be nice if they didn’t turn into another Talbot or HYDRA, or the Inhumans faction from last season. Basically no one that Coulson ends up having to go to war with at the end of the season.

I’m not gonna lie, it feels very fresh to see Daisy kind of have to take a back seat this season. She’s all SHIELD and on missions for Coulson with Mack, so a lot of other character’s are getting the spotlight. Bobbi’s story is taking longer than I was expecting it to be, but again it’s just nice to see so many other characters get the spotlight after we spent the last 2 seasons of it being Skye this, Skye that, she’s actually named Daisy, duh.

This season feels very grown up compared to the past two seasons and in all 4 of these current episodes that has remained apparent. A lot has changed, and a lot keeps changing. Sudden and fast and I really like that. This was a really solid episode all around. And that’s all I really got to say for this week. All my questions are all your questions, and there wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about this episode.

Final Score: 4.5 Whipping Lashes out of 5

DERRICK-imageDerrick is a born and raised otaku with a love for comics, anime, manga and movies. The full list is pretty long, but that’s just the basics. Stories set in space are his bread and butter. You can find more of his writing at @KazekunForever

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