Review: Monster Musume Chapter 31

(Seven Seas 2012)

Story & Art by Okayado

Storyline Ongoing


Summary: It’s every day life with Monster Girls in this ecchi comedy, telling the harrowing tale of a young man named Kimihito Kurusu who builds a harem of young, attractive girls with animalistic features. From a Lamia (half-snake, half human) to a Centaur (half-horse, half-human) and more.

In this world, a new law has passed allowing for the co-habitation of these “monster races” and humans, and but some races are still in need of human contact before things become truly normal. Thus Kimihito is unwillingly thrown into the role of “host family” for these girls – sort of like exchange students; whether he likes it or not.


 Review: This chapter was a fun one. Featuring our cast of characters checking out a spa that recently opened up for extra species. It’s the onsen episode as chapter exclaims, and that means getting to see everyone bathing nude in the hot springs.

Like usual, there are uncensored breasts but that’s about as far as it goes in the nudity department. There are also color pages! Which is always a plus. This chapter isn’t deep, they usually aren’t, it’s just good, clean fun and what’s the harm in that every once in awhile?

There is a new character – thankfully not another suitor for Kimihito – introduced this chapter who runs the spa, and I like her a lot. Yukio, a Yuki-Onna, or Ice Queen goes through a nice character arc this chapter. As we get to know all about how she came to be head of a hot springs spa, something that should be hurting her.

We found it does, but she’s trying to build up her tolerance to it and what we do learn about her is really endearing. I like Yukio a lot, and I hope we get to see her again soon. We also get the usual shenanigans of the girls trying to figure out who’s going to marry Kimihito while he cowards away in fear.

There is a reason for their visit though, and it’s to test out the spa and to also figure out if it will be good for anything else other than just taking care of extra species. Ultimately the decision that is made is really nice, and works out for everyone in involved. Although how they get to that point is pretty weak in my personal opinion.

As usual Okayado does a good job at brings comedy and unique, fun characters to what could’ve ended up just being another generic harem series. While it does have its moments, I feel he imbues enough pizzazz into the series to make it stand out and feel different more often than not. This chapter being is a stellar example of that.

Finally, I feel the need to point out that Monster Musume has been announced as an anime and should be premiering within’ the next few months. This news has me rather excited, and I hope you all will check it out too!

Final Score: 4 Onsen Episodes out of 5

DERRICK-imageDerrick is a born and raised otaku with a love for comics, anime, manga and movies. The full list is pretty long, but that’s just the basics. Stories set in space are his bread and butter.

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