‘Whovian By Design’ with Franco Romualdez, Episode 5

Review: Doctor Who Series 2 episode: “The Christmas Invasion”

by Franco Romualdez

Did someone call a Doctor?

The parting of 9th Doctor actually came at the worst possible time for the citizens of earth. The Doctor and Rose return to the present just in time for Christmas; for those who aren’t familiar with the show, Christmas seems to be marked on every hostile alien’s calendar as the best day to invade Earth. This Christmas day is no different with the arrival of the badass alien race known as the Sycorax, who look like they came straight out of a high budget sci-fi flick. Gone are the farting rubber-looking foes of old (I’m looking at you Salvine), and in are aliens that actually look like they came to conquer.

The Doctor, impressed.

The Episode showcases just how venerable the earth would be without The Doctor. This is because our hero finds himself unable to move due to the fact that being in the regeneration process renders him almost completely paralyzed. With the Doctor missing in action, the task of stopping the alien invasion falls to Rose Tyler and Prime Minister Harriet Jones. Find out how the Doctor saves the planet Earth from is biggest threat yet, and see for yourself how awesome Sycorax look by watching the episode!

David Tennant, in what will soon become a welcome habit, steals the show as the Doctor. His command of the role is second to none in my opinion, as his portrayal of The Doctor’s persona stems from his incredible love of the Doctor’s who came before him, thus his Doctor is by far the most “Doctorish” of the modern era. Bille Piper (Rose) is the usual “you either love her or you hate her” Bille Piper, and Penelope Wilton’s performance as Harriet is admirable. The only thing Penelope Wilton from being good and or/great is the fact that her performance as Harriet made her seem to be to0 good a politician to seem like someone who would be voted out of office.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the 10th Doctor’s run this is the obvious place to start. Beyond that is how the episode does so many things right that previous one did not, with realistic and cool looking alien foes, and the return of a more Doctor-like Doctor. Watching “The Christmas Invasion” is a treat, not only is it great entertainment but it also introduces us to one of the best actors ever take up the mantle of the mad man in a box.

- Sycorax Leader: You stand as this world’s champion?

The Doctor: Thank you. I’ve no idea who I am, but you’ve just summed me up. -


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