Review: Agent Carter Season 2 Ep. 6 &7

(Marvel Studios 2016)

Summary: It’s 1947, one year has passed since Peggy took on the remnants of the Nazis and came out victorious. But not all wars are won after just one battle, and Peggy’s journey to build a life for herself after the war continues. This time in L.A. after a mysterious new substance called Zero Matter has cropped up and begun wreaking havoc. Agent Peggy Carter has been dispatched to find the answers behind this new threat, and along the way she is joined by old friends and new enemies. Season 2 is finally here, and what tale it shall be…

Episode 6 – “Life of the Party”

Directed by Craig Zisk; Written by Eric Pearson

Episode 7 - “Monsters”

Directed by Metin Hüseyin; Written by Brant Englestein


Review: And FINALLY we hit the fan! These two episodes encapsulate exactly what I have been waiting for as we head towards the finale. In Life of the Party we get a great mid-season turn as Whitney finally comes into her own as the monster we know her to be. Finally cutting herself loose of that stonewall Chadwick and majority of his cohorts, Whitney decides to stop relying on others to help her in her conquests and take up her own reign in the all White Men’s club.

Whitney Frost is a character I have obviously been chiding with every review about her stiff portrayal and how she keeps stepping up to the plate as a possible leader but then falls right back into follower territory. I love this new Whitney and her ferocious, volatile attitude. Her “I will quite literally kill you on the spot” rage instantly brings her to the forefront of Marvel Cinematic Universe villainy.

This is even more encapsulated with the aptly titled Monsters wherein Whitney goes on the offensive and attacks Carter on her own soil. Even if Carter isn’t at the mansion at the time of Whitney’s kidnapping of - the newly-made solid - Wilkes the carnage that ensues is no less breathtaking. Poor, poor Anna! I’m sure she’ll make it but that ending with Jarvis in complete despair had my heart sinking with every frame.

These two episodes alone are filled with so much of the great acting prowess many of these actors and actresses possess as well as wonderful character moments that really help to drive the story. Sousa and Peggy get some great chemistry going as they quickly address the elephant in the room that took even Peggy aback upon hearing it. I am quite glad there was no beating around the bush on Sousa’s feelings as we pretty much get the answer in the same scene in which he spills the beans on why Violet threw him out.

We even get some WONDERFUL screen time with Dottie who’s forced to help Carter and Sousa in their scheme to get a DNA sample from Whitney. Seeing her and Jarvis work together so flawlessly and also see Jarvis come into his own during this mission really helped solidify this two-parter for me.

It’s these character dynamics, drama and twists that makes Agent Carter so good. Season 1 was all about the characters, and season 2 has felt like anything but. That all finally changes with these two episodes and I really couldn’t be more the happier.

I know that by the time you all read this the season will have came to an end, and perhaps my words may not have as much impact on you because of that. As of this writing I don’t know what’s coming next but I am quite excited to watch and find out. I still wish they could’ve and would do a better job at concretely adapting whatever Zero Matter is supposed to act like. Just because all season it has felt like it’s quite all over the place. These episodes continue that trend.

As long as there is a damn good explanation for it all then by all means let us trudge on.

Episodes 6 and 7 are the turning point in which I wish we had gotten sooner. Not because of the big “twists” although I was sooo happy to see Chadwick bite it, but because we’re finally getting character. Story. Growth. Obstacles and heroes overcoming those obstacles or being pushed even further down.

This is Agent Carter. This is Marvel. This is what I love. With only a few more episodes to go, I truly hope the momentum keeps going. Escalating. And the climax to be worth this roller coaster ride.

Final Score: 4 Party Monsters out of 5

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