Review: Monster Musume Chapter 36

(Seven Seas 2012)

Story & Art by Okayado

Storyline Ongoing

Summary: It’s every day life with Monster Girls in this ecchi comedy, telling the harrowing tale of a young man named Kimihito Kurusu who builds a harem of young, attractive girls with animalistic features. From a Lamia (half-snake, half human) to a Centaur (half-horse, half-human) and more.

In this world, a new law has passed allowing for the co-habitation of these “monster races” and humans, and but some races are still in need of human contact before things become truly normal. Thus Kimihito is unwillingly thrown into the role of “host family” for these girls – sort of like exchange students; whether he likes it or not.


Review: Well, I definitely didn’t see that coming. This chapter really wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t as interesting as last chapter but it did take the story in an interesting new direction.

As the gang goes to save Mero from her captive, the magical witch Oct who it is said uses her dark magic to make mermaids go off and elope with humans, they get themselves into one of the last “sex tropes” that this series hasn’t parodied yet: tentacles. You know, I really had thought we covered tentacles already, but thinking back no. No, it took 36 whole chapters for us to reach tentacles.

However Okayado pulls it back and doesn’t really go that deep – heh – into the whole tentacle foray. But it makes sense in the story when dealing with a villain who herself is an Octopus who ALSO owns a sea of anemones.

This chapter also deals with a lot of parodying of The Little Mermaid. I think specifically Disney’s version, I’m a little rusty on how the original fairy tail went down. Because of this I feel it was very fitting Okayado chose to use an octopus gal as the main baddy.

But wait! There’s more! Turns out Oct isn’t the bad guy, and just an unfortunate bystander in a more sinister – as of yet unrevealed – plan. This is very in tone with the series where events that are touted up to be extraordinary end up being not only not what they seem, but something that is honestly less interesting than what you were originally expecting.

Personally I would’ve liked to see Oct actually be the bad guy and Okayado just go all the way with it, but if he can pull it out next chapter then all will be forgiven. We do find out by the end of the chapter who the actual baddy for this arc is, but I won’t spoil that surprise this time around.

Not a bad chapter. Had some very interesting things about it. Not one of the best. I’m not huge on Oct currently, however I am still enjoying this arc. Come on Okayado, make the next chapter count!

Final Score: 3 Tentacle-Free Monster Girls out of 5

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