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Review: String Divers #1

(IDW 2015)

Creator/Art Director Ashley Wood

Story by Chris Ryall and Nelson Daniel

Letters by Neil Uyetake

No matter the media, the best art makes you think, forces your brain into an area that you wouldn’t otherwise go. Weather it be the latest horror trailer (have you seen Goodnight Mommy? Yeesh!) or a book hailed years ago for dramatic triumph, these form take your brain to another world, and like it or not, encourage you to do more…gasp…learning about subjects that you would ordinarily not. Continue reading


REVIEW: Zombies Versus Robots #1

(IDW Publishing, 2015)

Written by Chris Ryall and Steve Niles
Art by Anthony Diecidue, Ashley Wood, and Val Mayerik
Colors by Jay Fotos

There are times that my docket for reviews is nearly empty, and other times when my desktop is so full of PDF icons that I can hardly see the picture of my children, peering out from the background. This is one of those times, and I admit, I lucked out, because as I was clicking through them, getting and idea for what was there, I happened upon this gem.

Continue reading