‘Whovian By Design’ with Franco Romualdez, Episode 6

The 10th Doctor: Simply the Best

But there are laws. There are laws of time. Once upon a time there were people in charge of those laws, but they died. They all died. Do you know who that leaves? Me! It’s taken me all these years to realize the laws of time are mine!

And they will obey me!.

With David Tennant at the helm, Doctor Who began its transformation from a classic British television show to a worldwide phenomenon with the arrival of the 10th Doctor. Young, charming, and witty, the 10th Doctor was everything the 9th was not. The 10th manifested as a much happier man than The 9th because his new persona had no physical experience of the Horrors of the Time War (my interpretation), and because of this The 10th ends up making much more friends during his time. David was given a 3 seasons, and multitude of specials during his run as The Doctor; in this episode I rank the top five best 1oth Doctor episodes, four of which I’ll be reviewing for the month.

What I see when I think “Doctor”

Number 5: Gridlock

This Episode is awesome because of how believable the improbable story is made out to be. The Doctor and his companion (Martha) find themselves stuck in a never-ending traffic jam. With the only other option being to spend the rest of their lives in futuristic flying-trailers, they instead uncover a shocking truth. Unfortunately this episode isn’t on my review list, but I’m willing to respond to convincing requests (feel free to comment below if you have one).

Number 4: Human Nature and Family of Blood

This two-part storyline is simply fantastic. Facing certain death the Doctor has no other choice but to lock away his memories in a pocket watch and transform his biology into that of a human being. Need I say more? Watch out for the review of this episode soon.

Number 3: Girl in The Fireplace

A Steven Moffat special. This episode deals with the Doctor travailing back and fourth in time from an abandoned spaceship and 18th century France. A fantastic tale of how the Doctor can impact the lives of those he meets. In this story we get to see first hand how a time traveler can impact a lifetime in a matter of hours. Review coming soon.

Number 2: Silence in the Library and Forrest of the Dead

Another Steven Moffat masterpiece. This episode unique because it is best seen if you’ve watched the first two and a half seasons of Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor first, for reasons I cannot disclose due to spoilers. Lets just say you’re going to have ball watching this one. Review imminent.

And Now…

A Steven Moffat masterwork (he has a habit of doing that). Blink is to this day, the very best Doctor Who episode I have ever seen. A beautifully crafted story that only has The Doctor playing a bit-role, and yet it is stunning in every way. I can’t wait to review this bad boy.

Don’t (Blink)


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