REVIEW: “HAPPY!” Issues #1 and #2


Review by Cory Thrall

After reading the first two issues, I am really enjoying this book, which is said to be Grant Morrison’s “last superhero” work.  Seeing him working with Image Comics is interesting, especially since the last time he graced the pages of one of their titles was “Spawn” #18, back in 1994.  Honestly, though, I don’t see much reason to refer to this as a “superhero” book, unless there’s going to be some very major changes in the final issues of the mini-series. It’s really just a moody pulp novel of a comic, with a little (okay, maybe more than a little) silliness thrown into the mix. Nick Sax is a mean-spirited, broken man who is brought into a major serial murder case by something he can’t tell is an hallucination or not - a cartoonish, bright blue and very tiny Pegasus/Unicorn.  The premise may be hard to swallow, but with the exception of the first bulk of #1, it really works.  The first issue had some problems, and I really think the main one was what brought me to this book - the writing.  It seriously reads like some 14 year old’s comic script, written just minutes after finishing watching “Reservoir Dogs” for the first time. If there isn’t an F-Bomb or two on every page I’d be surprised.  Also, the mobsters in this feel so generic and stereotypically ‘mobsters’ that I’m sure you’ve read, watched, or otherwise seen these exact characters on a thousand different movies, TV shows, etc.  It really is that bad.  I’ve seen the first chunk of issue #1 explained elsewhere as being just filler for the intro of the story, which seriously happens in the last page or two.  So, don’t expect much from #1, as it’s #2 where the book actually starts to take shape.  The interplay between Nick and “Hailey’s Imaginary Friend” is fun and full of dark humor. The artwork by Darick Robertson is thick and loose, though somewhat clumsy in a few panels. Great coloring that really fits the gritty feel of the title with the color scheme - mainly a grimy city, dirty apartments, filthy streets, etc.  Oh, did I mention that the cover says it’s Image’s 20th Anniversary?  That blew my mind.  Where did all the years go? :D

— 3 out of 5 Mob Hospitals.


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