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Review: Aliens/Vampirella #6

(Dynamite 2016)

Writer Corinna Bechko

Art Javier Garcia-Miranda

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Colorist In LIGHT Studios

Cover: Gabriel Hardman

Cover Colorist: Jordan Boyd

  The Alien outbreak on the human Mars base reaches its thrilling finale in Aliens / Vampirella #6 as Sarah and the crew of the supply ship are left reeling from what they’ve just seen unfold, while Vampirella and the resurrected Nosferatu confront the misinformed military to unite with them against the Aliens. In their frantic battle to escape from the Xenomorphs, the fate of everyone remaining on Mars - living and undead - rests on a knife’s edge as Vampirella confronts the savage fury of the Queen Alien / Vampire Hybrid. Continue reading