Review: Revolution #2

(IDW 2016)
Writers: John Barber & Cullen Bunn
Art: Fico Ossio
Colors: Sebastian Cheng
Letters Tom B Long

Is ROM the Space Knight a murderer? That’s the burning question that fuels the growing conflict on all fronts in REVOLUTION #2 as the explosive threat of Ore 13 grips the world. As Optimus Prime and the Autobots resolve to hunt ROM down and make him pay for attacking the human forces of G.I. JOE., Commander Scarlet Shana O’Hara must now come to terms with G.I. JOE’s losses, and seek assistance from the only people who can help her save the planet – Miles Mayhem and the special operatives of M.A.S.K Continue reading


Review: Transformers 52

(IDW 2016)

Writer: John Barber

Art: Livid Ramdondelli

Letters: Tom B Long

Regular Cover: Andrew Griffith & Josh Burcham

The brand new era continues in IDW’s Transformers #52 as All Hail Optimus: Part 3 builds on the implications of Optimus Prime’s decision to annex Earth and make it part of Cybertron’s Council of Worlds during the series’ blockbusting 50th issue. Optimus may have declared that Earth is his territory now, but a recent face-off between the Autobots and the EDC on the lawn of the White House has only compound the situation and soured relations.  In order to achieve his goal Optimus Prime realizes he must now reach out to Cybertron and form a coalition with some old friends, and even some of his oldest enemies. Continue reading

REVIEW: The Fly: Outbreak #1

(IDW Publishing, 2015)

Written by Brandon Seifert
Art by menton3
Lettered by Tom B. Long

The Fly is a seminal film. David Cronenberg directed a George Langelaan adapted short story (screenplay was by Charles Edward Pogue) and made it into a film that makes your skin crawl 30 years after it was first released. (1986)  This book comes out fortuitously. I just watched this movie last week so the images and creepy-crawly feelings are still pretty fresh in my mind. Continue reading

REVIEW: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #3

(IDW Publishing / Boom! Studios, 2015)

Written by Scott and David Tipton
Art by Rachael Stott
Colors by Charlie Krichoff
Lettered by Tom B. Long

I was never a Trekkie. I never had that fanboy appreciation for the series or films that ensnares half of the geek culture. (because let’s face it, you’re either a Trek fan or a Star Wars fan.) I came to Star Trek by a much longer route, through the films, Wrath of Kahn is still my favorite, and eventually through my children. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Gateway’ #2

(IDW Publishing, 2014)

Created by Joe Halpin Sr. and Joe Halpin Jr.
Written by Joe Halpin Sr.
Pencils and Inks by Juanfrancisco Moyano
Assistant Inker: D.F. Martin
Colorist: Joe Halpin Jr.
Assistant Colorist: Joaquin Pereyra
Letterer: Tom B. Long

Hell is terrifying. That’s sort of the point. We’ve seen it as a setting over and over again throughout literature and right into comic books. And it’s been proven as a great setting for comics. Spawn comes to the fore without even thinking about it. Of course there is always the flip side of that as well Continue reading