At Second Glance: Up The River #1

(Source Point Press 2015)

Writer – Travis McIntire

Artist – Stephen Sharar

Colorist – Sean Seal

Letterer – Joshua Werner

There is a lot to say about Up the River #1. First off, it’s a Kickstarted indie title. It is most definitely a labor of love by those involved. Continue reading


Review: Wild Bullets One-Shot

(Michigan Comics Collective 2015)

Written by Greg Wright

Art by Sean Seal, Jason Jimenez, Stephen Sharar, Joe Freyre

Colors and Letters by Sara Sowles

Edited by Travis McIntire

I grew up on holiday specials. Not one calendar year would pass without me marking the upcoming holidays by running through the television checklist. Continue reading

Bag and Bored Spotlight: Michigan Comics

Spotlight: The MCC and Source Point Press

When you dream about becoming a comic creator, your thoughts run along the lines of this. Finish high school, go to art school, drop out of art school because you’re better than that, move to New York or Los Angeles, and walk into Marvel or DC’s main office with a full portfolio, at which point they exclaim at your genius and throw a pile of money at you, begging you to draw their most iconic characters.

It almost never happens like that. Continue reading